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Guest: Caroline Bonpain

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Overview: Caroline Bonpain joins Talkers.FM to share how she helps C-suite executives become a better leader thru their exceptional executive coaching, training and development.

Caroline Bonpain is an IECL Certified Executive Coach, consultant, trainer, keynote speaker and the founder of Core Fusion Executive Coaching. She has been recently recognised as a CXO Marketing Leader of the year and included within the CMO Top 50 list.   


Wayne Bucklar:  You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar and today, I’m joined by Caroline Bonpain, it’s a French name apparently and my French is pretty Grade 8 level. But never mind, Caroline is the Founder and Director of Core Fusion Executive Coaching and she’s here to join us to tell us about Core Fusion Executive Coaching. Caroline, welcome to the show.

Caroline Bonpain:  Thanks Wayne for having me and it’s great to connect here with the listeners today.

Wayne:  It’s my pleasure. Now Caroline, often I interview companies who’s trading name is Fred’s Garage or Bob’s Lawn Mowing Service and it’s immediately obvious from the name of the company what is they do and who they do it for. But Core Fusion Executive Coaching, I can think of many things that could be, so fill us in what is it that you do and who you do it for?

Caroline:  Sure. So I am an ICL Certified Executive Coach and Founder of Core Fusion Executive Coaching. And basically, what I do is I work with c-suite executives to help to achieve peak performance. And I work with organizations such as Strativity who are world leaders at customer experience and I help them to not only achieve exceptional or customer experience for their clients but also to achieve culture transformation and change within these organizations. Actually I also worked with Mind Gym and Mind Gym are global leaders in corporates training and performance development and so I run training workshops with them to help leaders to be the best leaders that they’re trying to be achieve peak performance with clients such as KPMG. So the foundation for Core Fusion Executive Coaching is very much within the coaching space as well as training and development.

Wayne:  Now Caroline, I noticed on your website just a few little companies that you’ve had corporate experience with like Coca-cola company, Nestle, Kimberly Clark and Dyson. These are not small and insignificant brands, you’ve obviously got a big chunk of experience.

Caroline:  Yes. Prior to starting Core Fusion Executive Coaching in 2017, I actually had an international corporate career at many of these companies that you’ve mentioned. And my recent one was that Dyson as Marketing Director and so a lot of my corporate experiences is in the marketing space. And I manage to get around within the CMO Top 50 and also CXO Marketing Leader of the Year in Australia. So really, I’ve enjoyed my corporate experience but where my passion is and what I absolutely love doing Wayne really is about working with people and helping people to achieve the best possible results for them personally and their teams.

Wayne:  Now it’s always nice if you can work consistent with your passion and doing the things that you’re passionate about. Many of our listeners are business leaders in some capacity, often in smaller businesses and the ones we’ve been talking about. When you’re looking for those people who are perfect clients for you, if you are able to look down your microphone and see our audience, what you would they be experiencing that would make them say, “Wow, I really need to talk to that Caroline lady.”

Caroline:  Well here’s the thing is when your people find change difficult and in fact, when people want to create lasting change and drive transformation or improvement within their lives or transformation with regards to their teams or organizations, they try a new behavior but then very quickly, they go back to their old ways of doing things and that’s because it doesn’t necessarily become a habit. And so what I do is I actually work with clients to drive sustainable and positive lasting change thru a unique coaching approach. And so I’ve helped to many executives overcome leadership challenges, lead their teams more effectively, drive that culture transformation and change. And clients work with me specifically because I’ve been in that corporate world as an executive so I’ve got first hand experience to understand what it is that they’re going through and what their challenges are and I couple that with my training with the ICL through coaching and Mind Gym to really plot this root into them that’s holding them back, capitalize on their unique strengths and help them to drive the positive change that they’re wanting to create. So I just kind of say that the people that they come to work with me, they work with me on a variety of challenges. So it could be stress management to work life balance, or maybe they’re wanting to improve their executive presence communicate better, manage conflict or negotiate more effectively. But all of the core things that they talking about and worked with me on is all about how they can become a better leader of themselves and then a better leader of others too.

Wayne:  And Caroline, how do you deliver your services? Is this done as training courses or one-on-one consultation or face-to-face counselling? What are the delivery mechanisms that you use?

Caroline:  Sure. So I do one-to-one executive coaching and that’s face-to-face in person and we’ll do that in private and I use my offices there in Barangaroo in Sydney. And I also offer training to bigger audiences, so this is where I facilitate a workshop across a specific topic to a group topic to a group of executives. So it really varies, I can either do the one-to-one coaching directly, I also do group coaching or I can do that bigger class training sessions. I also love keynote presentations so if there’s an opportunity where a business wants to galvanize an organization, or motivate and inspire them to hone an important initiative, I’m there to deliver the keynote.

Wayne:  There’ll be people out there now who were unlucky enough to win the raffle to organize the next corporate event and we’ll be worrying about who they’re going to get as they’re keynote speaker. And of course for keynote speech, there are two people who are very nervous. There’s a speaker who’s about to go on stage but the person who booked them is in the back of the room even more nervous just in case they’re not wonderful. For those people who are thinking about booking a corporate speaker, what are the things that would lead them to you?

Caroline:  So I’ve worked with major organizations such as Coca-Cola and McCann Erickson so just purely to my testimonials. I’ve also reached with Millennial 20/20, Liquid Learning, if they want me to coach them to hop onto my website to me to move the testimonials and reach out to those people that have seen me speak. I also do video recordings of my keynotes and so I went provide a video recording to give them that as a reassurance. But you know what Wayne at the end of the day, I am so passionate about what I do and what I love doing that it comes through genuinely and authentically and I think that’s what organizations can look forward to as me just having a really authentic and engaging conversation with their teams and so I think they’ll have a postitive experience.

Wayne:  And that authenticity is apparent even now just talking to you about what you do because you’re obviously very passionate about the work that you do. Caroline, for those people who are interested in getting a bit more of you either as a speaker, or as a coach or an incorporate trainer, how can they reach out to you?

Caroline:  Well they can reach out to me on my website so the company website is

Wayne:  Caroline, it’s been a pleasure having you with us today. Thank you for your time.

Caroline:  Thank you so much for having me Wayne.

Wayne:  If you just joined us on Business Radio Talkers.FM, then you’ve just missed my chat with Caroline Bonpain. Now Caroline is the Founder and Director of Core Fusion Executive Coaching. She’s passionate about what she does and has an extensive sea level history in working with some of the biggest names around the world and is now based in Sydney in Australia. But the good news is you haven’t missed out entirely because we have a transcript on our website where you can read the interview from beginning to end. Or if you prefer to listen and not read and I guess given that this is radio and not a book, you probably do, then we have an audio archive. You can download it as a podcast, you can do that from SoundCloud, YouTube and iTunes and the links to all of those resources are on the station website at Speaking of, if you are listening to us on social media, please remember all of those buttons down the bottom of the screen – the smiley face, the likes, the shares, the subscribes, the comments, even the frowny face if you’re not happy. We love to hear from you and if you popped any comments or questions you have either for Caroline Bonpain or for us the studio, pop them into the comments at the bottom of the social media, we monitor them all and we’ll either pass them onto Caroline from Core Fusion Executive Coaching or we’ll be able to deal with them ourselves. My name is Wayne Bucklar, you’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM.                      

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