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Adrian Skeggs: Create a Bigger Experience for your Prospects and Gain more Leads



Guest: Adrian Skeggs

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Adrian Skeggs, business accelerator and former rugby player, joins Business Radio Talkers.FM host Wayne Bucklar to talk about the importance of networking and his company called Arival. He emphasizes on what technology can do and how they use augmented and virtual reality products to create a bigger experience for people in the world of sports.

Bio: Adrian Skeggs is a trusted advisor to Boards, C-Level Leaders, Executive Management and leadership professionals. One of his greatest strengths is the ability to connect to people on a national, global and local basis. His passion is helping leaders, business and organizations accelerate their market aspirations and vision. Adrian is a former representative of international sport from Club to the national team, Australian Wallabies, where has developed exceptional relationship building skills with people operating from all levels of an organization and he is the founder of Arival Global group of companies.

As a business and market accelerator, he focuses on developing unique, innovative and sustainable growth opportunities across many sectors. One of his key skills is incubating and accelerating networks of people, products and services. His approach with market challenges for clients is identifying “The Who” and “The What,” which means building a team of carefully chosen experts around market need while formulating what is needed to realize the market opportunity.


Wayne Bucklar:  You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar and today, my guest is Adrian Skeggs. Now Adrian comes with a history in sports, he’s running a consultancy called Be Business, he has a company which sounds fascinating called “Arival” and he’s here to talk to us about what he does. Adrian, welcome to the show.

Adrian Skeggs:  Thank you. Thanks for your invitation, very unique platform you got here and very keen to always try to add value to the show.

Wayne:  Well we like to think we do something a bit different to other media providers. But when I look at your company names, “Arival and Be Business,” neither of them kind of tells me what you do like when I’m talking to Bob’s Real Estate, I know exactly what Bob does. So Adrian, fill us in, what is it that you do?

Adrian:  Well I think, if people go into a role and it’s tough and they have a title it’s tough, they’ve obviously got to be potentially good at that spot or the integration into a team. I’m just blessed that I was coming out of international sport having in that time being great at networking, and retaining and building the value of those key networks globally. So while I sort of basic, my whole area is the strategy about where we want to go, how we want to do that and what’s the alignment of the people that we need to get those outcomes. So I’m very very blessed to have some of the high compelling corporations in the world because obviously, coming out of a rugby background which is very much an old private school thing, it’s very high-level corporate white-collar world. So in all the roles I do is all about the people, the outcomes, where we want to go and obviously, create an appropriate value at each step along the way.

Wayne:  Now I’m pretty sure that many in our audience will recognize you by your name, Adrian Skeggs is not completely unknown. But for those people who don’t know, you’ve played for the Reds, you played for the Wallabies, this is about as good as it gets in Australia and maybe the world?

Adrian:  Well look, I think the thing about it is I’ve played a sport where I actually went played in South African for 4 years, coached professional teams in the UK and then I actually coached one of the teams at the Rugby World Cup in 2003. So I think what it is, is borderless in regards to the networks. At the end of the day, it’s great that value, so I think it’s my world when you have a good case study. And people in business need to know, when they selling, they need to actually turn around and say, “Well, if you know people when you’re taking things to people, it’s about good case studies and very relevant,” so how you can basically coordinate those good people and then go and chain to each other I suppose it’s a talent I picked up by the time that it’s very, very easy for me to get a person from a big company like KPMG to talk with someone from PwC because I know every level of each of those companies. So it’s just an example of getting an outcome very quickly.

Wayne:  And you said before we went on air that business is about people to people and that’s very true. Knowing and being able to talk to people in network is incredibly powerful.

Adrian:  Well I think everything these days is about experience. You don’t have experience by sitting behind an email all day long and sending things out on social media. I think they’re just basically tools to enable the correct information on things through and obviously about having time conscious about getting things done. My whole world is about when you chat to someone because if you know them personally, then the idea is you’ve got the “trust factor,” all you want to do is transfer the value and then obviously from that added value is through that experience obviously, get outcomes and then pour and then you go. So I think it’s very, very easy but it’s not easy if you don’t have that ability to connect and network.

Wayne:  It’s very true. Now you mentioned before we came on air, “Arival” and that’s another company name that doesn’t give you much of a hint as to what it does and it sounded pretty exciting to me and I admit I’m a geek. So fill us in on what it is that Arival does?

Adrian:  Okay. The world of sport, entertainment and obviously the business world these days, it is about obviously getting new forms of income and the nicest stuff. But the key to this is again, it goes back the whole thing about how can you have a bigger experience? And what technology does allows you to do is it allows you to engage, allows you to create bigger eyeballs because it was a big experience there and obviously, what comes from that is data. So data is “King” these days. So I am now the global partnership man in a company called, “Arival.” And Arival basically is augmented in virtual reality product and what we do is we mainly using them through some of the biggest sporting stadiums in the world. We are now just going now to groups like the “Big Bash” and that. But the key here is how can they have a bigger experience for brands let’s say at the KFC or let’s say it’s something – how can they create a compelling experience around the game where everyone is engaged but at the end of the day, get an outcome from them? Well it’s an example of the Big Bash, or IPL or anything like that. But these days when there’s a less and less people going to games and the Big Bash would probably got one of the unique things because they’ve got a shortened version of the game, it’s a great experience, it’s 30 or 20 overs long and it’s the stuff. But what brands want to do is they want to get outcomes from this. So what Arival does is we’ve actually got augmented in virtual reality products which basically can give for example which they use at the Super Bowl, which they use in 100 colleges in the U.S. And all this is about engagement of the fans, using them socially, creating a campaign around that whatever product it was at least indeed and then at the end of the day, if they go to try a car and the stuff, due to the campaign Nissan sold hundreds of cars making millions for the company in 6 weeks because it activated the Millennials who then basically said, “I can win a car if I go to a test drive.” So for me, technology is about the business outcome, but it’s also better experience and obviously, getting people back to sport.

Wayne:  So it’s a fascinating space to be in given your background in sport and the space for that technology and sports broadcasting, you’ve got to be seeing a ton of opportunities waiting to come to reality there.

Adrian:  Well I think what happens is technology, you can go, it can be a real wow factor for 3 years and then it just dies off.  So everyone’s always looking for the new thing, right?

Wayne:  Yes.

Adrian:  And a great thing about all this stuff, it’s about inclusion of all aspects. In other words, if people can relate to each other and get an outcome or people can engage, you can show themselves or all this stuff and then the brands can basically get a wow factor through these funnels and lots of stuff. I think it’s very, very compelling in regards there. And the other thing is at the end of day it’s data. It’s just being current about what’s happening in that world and being ahead of the curve.

Wayne:  Adrian in our audience now, there’ll be people listening to you saying, “Wow, to be able to get some access to that kind of networking or to get some access to that kind of technology, that’s exactly what we need.” How can those people reach out to you?

Adrian:  Well look, obviously they can go to my LinkedIn and they can connect them in my LinkedIn and they can see all the obviously various areas there, it’s obviously “Adrian Skeggs” or they can simply basically connect through me, I’m based in Sydney, Australia. And look again, if they want to drop me an email, I’m quite happy to supply their email and lots of stuff. But I think from my point of view, if they just simply go to “Be Business,” that’s one business I run which is about management consultancy group. So going out to a company, I walk out to a company and they might be having a rollover in their company. So they might need a gap person like a CFO or they need something. So I’ve got a high-level CEOs, CFOs, all types of people, I can put them in. So Arival at and they can obviously see me on there as well. So look, there’s a plenty of ways to connect with me but I think the key to this is it’s about how you get to know people and I run a rugby business network and the last thing I look at is their business card because the business card is just a take on what they are now. People want to be connected on a personal thing so if you’re far better off understanding whether what they do for community and things like that because that’s about them, not you.

Wayne:  Adrian, it’s been fabulous having a chat with you today. Thank you for making yourself available. I realize you’re a busy guy and I appreciate your time.

Adrian:  Thank you.

Wayne:  If you just joined us on Business Radio Talkers.FM, then you’ve missed a chat with a great ambassador of his brands, and a great networker and a sportsman of some renown, Adrian Skeggs. Now the good news is you haven’t missed everything because on our website, we have a transcript so you can read the interview. We also have an audio archive on iTunes, SoundCloud and YouTube where you can treat it like a little mini podcast and listen to the interview over and over again. This is Business Radio Talkers.FM, my name is Wayne Bucklar.

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