Alexandra André: Unleash your Business Success Potential from Within



In this segment, Alexandra André, CEO of Marketing Energized joins host Wayne Bucklar in conversation where she talks about her special speaking practice as well the “Infinite IM-pact’’ program (she calls it a mission) that she created. She emphasizes on her passion to inspire people and help reach their maximum potential particularly in business.

Guest: Alexandra André

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Bio: Alexandra André is a professional speaker, marketing energizer and thought leader on Infinite IM-pact. She knows about pushing boundaries and the difference it can make. She’s an accomplished Marketing Professional and Business Leader; completed five Marathons and an Ironman; and took a leap to launch her own business – Marketing Energized. Alexandra is now on a mission to create a movement of INFINITE IMPACT, sharing her message and connecting with audiences through her story – as far and wide as she can.

‘Inspiring and energizing potential, in people and businesses, for the impact they can have’ is a purpose she’s been driven by since dedicating an Ironman to a good friend (3.8km swim, 180km ride, 42km run) widely considered the toughest 1-day sporting event in the world. More than realising her own potential, was the incredible impact we have on each other.


Wayne Bucklar:  You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. My guest today joins me from Melbourne. She is Alexandra Andre. Now, Alexandra has a speaking practice. She also is a CEO of a company called “Marketing Energized” and she has I guess a mission if you will, called “Infinite IM-pact.” And Alexandra needs to tell us about all of those because I can’t even guess. Alexandra, welcome to the show and please fill us in on what it is you do and who you do it for.

Alexandra Andre:  Thank you Wayne. It’s great to be here, a really good opportunity. So I guess essentially, the heart and soul of all I do it’s about inspiring and energizing potential in people, in businesses for the impact they can have. And I do that in various ways. So I do that as a professional speaker, sharing my journey and my story which I’d love to allude to and comment on in any minute. I also do that as a commerce of a Marketing Energizer which is the business marketing energize. And that’s all about helping businesses be the best they can be. I have a career in marketing and launched that business 3 years ago after this journey and life-changing event I went on and I’m just really passionate about helping people in their own personal lives and businesses to really be the best they can be because I believe, we’re all capable of so much more. So I guess it’s really about that purpose become so all I do and I’m doing it in different ways.

Wayne:  Now, I describe myself these days on my LinkedIn profile as being a digital storyteller because I’ve got this big bugbear about storytelling and I guess doing radio is part of that but also, the fact the world has changed now and we have so many media channels in this digital megaphone that shout stuff out and passe to capture stories has never been easier and simpler. But as far as I can tell, we’re actually hardwired to love listening to a story. And so, tell us about yours.

Alexandra:  I couldn’t agree more Wayne. So mine really was bit over 3 years ago. I’ve always been a runner. I did a marathon in 2008 and then spent the next 5 years injuring myself trying to do another one. And then I found myself signing up to Ironman which is a really big triathlon. So it’s a big swim, 3.8K swim, 180Ks on the bike and then a marathon of 42K run, all in one day. And I found myself thinking and pondering about taking on this event and it wasn’t until a really good friend of mine by the name of Mads who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, young fit Danish guy and he was diagnosed with myeloma and I thought, “You know what, I’m fit and healthy. I’ll sign up to this.” The worst thing that can happen is me not getting to the start line. So I signed up literally without an ounce of confidence but wanting to just to live life to the full. I went on this jet. I trained very, very hard. I had injuries, I overcame them. It was almost about 12 months of training and week by week, I was getting stronger physically, and mentally and very sadly that good friend of mine Mads passed away and he left behind a beautiful wife and a little boy, Ollie. And the day he died, I decided to dedicate my Ironman to him and it just became this purpose and I guess strength of will, goal is now bigger than me and I went on this journey and the day the Ironman was just one of the most incredible days. And the support around me on the day and leading up to and afterwards was just phenomenal. And I did my Ironman in 12 hours, 12 minutes and 12 seconds which ironically is the  similar birthday to Ollie, Mads’ little son. He was born on the 1st of the 2nd 2012, 12 – 12 which was quite ironic. And after that Ironman I thought, “Wow. I literally can do anything and I realized that with self belief and commitment we all can absolutely do anything.” But more than that, I realized the impact we all have on each other because to have the impact I had on Mads’ wife Emma, and friends and various strangers that knew Mads but didn’t know me and the impact they all had on me, I just came away with such a knowing of this and seeing this impact. Then every day since I’ve just seen it more and more – that might be a coffee conversation you have with someone, smiling in a stranger in the street and watching them smile back, helping people in different ways, challenging people. We do all have such an impact on each other and it was really through that Ironman event that I came to see it and now I’ve become so passionate about sharing that through my story whether it’s one-on-one in a conversation like this or hopefully making sure that listeners that listen to the show, we’re on a big stage sharing in a business environment or in a community group. So I think it’s something that I underestimated before I went through that journey, just what kind of difference we can make no matter what and I just become more and more passionate about it every day.

Wayne:  Speaking of being a professional speaker, I guess you’re looking for people who are interested in engaging you. Do you have an image of what the perfect client is, who’s going to reach out and engage you for a speaking gig? What sort of people who’d do that?

Alexandra:  Yes, sure. Absolutely. I guess my message is really very universal. It applies to schools, getting kids to think about the impact they’re having on each other at a young age, businesses. I think businesses really underestimate the impact they have through their products and services and every interaction that goes with them and also, community groups. Often, we don’t think there’s anything we can do to make changes in the environment around us but we absolutely can. So it’s really universal message. I guess my delivery of it is very much an authentic one and one of connection and empowering people. So the ideal sort of client.

Look, I mean anyone that who’d love to hear more about my journey and I’m really passionate about not just me talking to what I’ve done in any form. I’m really genuine about this concept of impact and if I can get up on a stage or stand in front of some people in a room whether it’s a small group or a large group and actually have an impact on them in those 10 minutes or 60 minutes, that’s what I love doing. So I guess it’s anyone that really has an appetite to learn and be open to learning and hearing about a journey that they might be able to get something out of.

Wayne:  Many of our audience Alexandra are business people who run their own businesses. Is there a takeaway message for them, the small and medium businesses?

Alexandra:  Sure, absolutely. The reason I do what I do is for the impact I have and that’s all about having a view that what I’m doing is so much bigger than me and I think for particularly small and medium-sized businesses, they often start doing what they had to do because they have a passion for what they’re doing and they’re very good at it. So to be driven by not knowing this, not just thinking that they’re producing some products and they’re selling them and that’s the end of story. If they would have think about where those products end up and the impact they have not just only on that the person that bought that product or service, everyone in that person’s life. The day of my Ironman is little Ironman cowbell that I gave to lots of my friends and family and I gave one to Emma, Mads’ wife and she put it on Mads’ grave that morning I was out on the bike and that was over 3 years ago now and that little Ironman cowbell is made in China. It’s literally painted tin that’s still by his grave today. So I guess for whatever product or service you’re selling to really allow yourself to reflect on the difference you’re making, do different people’s lives in some way and it’s got to be about bettering people’s lives and it’s not just one point of impact. It’s an impact that flows on beyond that. So if you’re driven by the impact you have, I think you become unstoppable. Aso I think, we all have good intent at heart but that divides I think the intention of businesses that are really just in it to make money and sell and be driven by transactions with those that have the heart in their business and are so driven by what they do for the good it can have in a community or in the world and that’s what we need more of. So focusing on that and I think if you focus on that, you’re driven by that, you can’t go wrong because the world needs more of that. So I think this is particularly relevant to small and medium-sized businesses and it’s the reason I’m doing what I’m doing today.

Wayne:  Alexandra, there’s probably someone out there saying, “I need to get more of this woman. I need to reach out.” How can they do that?

Alexandra:  I hope so, that’ll be fantastic. Probably, the best spot is my website, it’s All my contact details and social media links are on there. So probably jumping on my website. I’ve got more about my story there, some clips of me speaking and you can also sign up. I do a weekly little bit of inspiration that I do some quotes, what I’ve learned that week that I share on an email-based through social media. So start following me and I’d love to hear your comments on the topic and experiences you’ve had. I just love connecting with people, having conversations. So probably my website is the best spot to check me out and I would love the opportunity to share my message and help people in businesses more because I know each of us can make such a difference in the world and I want to encourage more of it.

Wayne:  Alexandra, it’s been lovely hearing you today and I do appreciate your giving up your time to talk with us. Thank you for joining us.

Alexandra:  Thank you, Wayne and all the best.

Wayne:  Thank you. And on our website, we have a transcript of my interview with Alexandra Andre. We also have an audio archive on iTunes, SoundCloud and YouTube where you can listen to it over and over again. All that’s available on Talkers.FM. You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar.

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