SalesFix: Australia-based Salesforce GOLD Consulting Partner and Salesforce MVP

Salesforce GOLD Consulting Partner and Salesforce MVP

Jason Lawrence talks about being a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner and a Salesforce MVP. Jason is the CEO and Founder of SalesFix, an Australian-based Salesforce Consulting Partner that helps businesses connect with customers, partners, and employees by streamlining and consolidating systems using the Salesforce platform.

SalesFix has over 10 years of Salesforce experience, focusing on Salesforce consultation, implementation, and integration. To guide you in implementing Salesforce in your business, contact SalesFix today and speak with one of their experienced Salesforce® consultants.

What exactly is a Salesforce Consulting Partner?

Jason Lawrence: Salesforce is a product and also a company that developed the product and a platform that they call customer relationship management software is built on. And Salesforce sells licenses for that platform and access to that platform in their Salesforce CRM product but rely on partners like SalesFix to help customers implement Salesforce, maximize the use of it and do any development that we might need for really advanced customization on that platform to help customers really get the most out of their investment in the Salesforce platform.

There are different ratings of Consulting Partners in the ecosystem. What makes SalesFix a GOLD Consulting partner?

Jason: That’s a really good and quite detailed complex answer to that but simply there are tiered structure of partners ranging from Registered, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Global. So they’re tiered up and how those tierings work is a combination of factors but broadly split into three major factors. The first one is how much revenue as SalesFix and Salesforce are generating from work that we’re working on together. Secondly with a higher priority is our expertise, so how many staff have got certifications, how many staff got training badges, how many architects we have in our books. And thirdly is our own customer experience so using a CISAT call methodology and customer success stories. That combination all drives points, those points equal point on a value score and depending on what your value score is to determine what tier you are in.

Why would a business engage a Salesforce Consulting Partner?

Jason: I would say it’s because we speed up the implementation, we apply previously gained knowledge to that implementation, we use best practices that we’ve either used previously or that’s available to us via the wider Salesforce community on guidance and advice. And we have a network of people both internally and externally that we know where to tap into quickly on how to come up with the right solution first time.

Do you just deliver project work?

Jason: No. We’ve got a range of customers with a range of delivery methods so a lot of our new implementations are projects. Some have a fixed scope and fixed budget. For example we do small, quick start implementations for organizations. It might be up and running in ten days but we also have long-standing projects where we’re working on an agile delivery methodology for development works. So it’s a vast scale and we also have customers on a managed service agreement. So a managed service agreement gives us a one-year view of looking after the customer and we work through those on a quarterly basis to go “Okay where are we going to concentrate in the next quarter and making sure that A: we’re providing some baseline support, and B: we’re helping you enhance and improve your use of Salesforce?”

Can you give me some examples of the type of business transformations SalesFix would deliver?

Jason: Yeah. I think one quite recent, one quite large one is John’s Ambulance Queensland. They are a not-for-profit organisation but that’s I think it’s a bit coincidental because their primary driver fees for Salesforce washow they generate revenue. So they still do sales and they have a mix of business-to-business sales. They are a registered training organization, they sell that to the public of first aid courses. They also do training for corporations and a lot of that, they have a website that was doing a reasonable job at selling to the public but a lot of the processes in the back end were manual. So issuing certificates was a manual processes, issuing invoices was manual processes. Even there customer service team that was answering calls, changing bookings were quite manual and quite often duplicated because of the time and effort. We came in and we really defined that entire process so all of their systems, I think they were using like four different systems – some was a custom-made database, one was a registered training organisation application. But we consolidated all of those into Salesforce and now they have complete visibility and automation which has enabled them to reduce their customer call center down from a very manual paper-based process to a very automated one which means they can now focus and concentrate on generating more revenue and applying that back to the services that they provide to the community at large.

Tell me about your team and how they complement your business and the outcomes to your customers.

Jason: We’ve got a team now of about 19 staff. The biggest proportion of those are in Brisbane but we have a team of four in Melbourne and five in the Philippines. The Philippine team are developers or coders and so they do the heavy lifting when it comes to writing code in Apex, Visualforce, JavaScript and website integrations and it’s quite a lot of our integrations now as they begin to do more of those. Our Melbourne and Brisbane, most of those are male consultants so they go and see the customers face to face, they do the workshops, designing, roll out the training and do most of the configuration also so that it’s quicker and easier working closer to the customer in the solution build on some of the smaller implementations.

I would imagine there is quite a lot of training involved, how does your business support this?

Jason: Yes, so continuous improvement of the teams is very important to us and we’re very proud of the number of Salesforce certifications that we have between the team and we also rely on the trailheads for continuous improvement there. So uses of trail mixes that we farm out to them and say “Here’s a focus area for you. We need you to go and do some extra trailheads.” But also the Salesforce certification program to drive that training.

I understand you are a Salesforce MVP, what is that?

Jason: Salesforce MVP is the most valuable professional is what it’s short for. There are about 200 worldwide, about seven in Australia and New Zealand. And we were selected or nominated initially for what we do for the Salesforce community at large. It’s not because of my long-term experience, it’s not because I’m a partner – it’s because of the impact that we have on other community members through different channels. So for me it was as a result of being nominated for being a Salesforce community leader. I have now been User Group Leader but leave about six years and I think I helped other user groups in the area around throughout Australia and improve and develop their user group so now in Brisbane I’m really proud to say that we’ve got a tech group, a developer group, a user group and an admin user group. We’ve also run a Down Under Dreaming event which is a whole-day event that those user groups come together and provide a day of learning for all of the users, developers and sales administrators in Salesforce.

A significant achievement Jason. Congratulations on being a Salesforce MVP.

Thank you very much Wayne.

Your website has a Pledge 1% logo on it, can you tell me what that means?

Jason: Yes. Salesforce, when they set up their business back in 1999, they set up a 1:1:1 philanthropic model – 1 percent of their revenue, 1 percent of their staff’s time and 1 percent of their product would be given back to the community at large, not-for-profit generally. They helped and supported a number of other organizations, followed that methodology and helped set up independently an organization called Pledge 1% and we as a Salesforce partner thought that that was a fantastic idea and we’ve pledged 1% of our revenues through discounts to not-for-profit organizations, free services to not-for-profit organizations and charitable donations to go back to not-for-profit organizations.

Wayne : Congratulations for paying it forward. It’s really nice to see private sector firms involved in some very real community outcomes.

Jason: Thanks Wayne. Yes, I’m proud of what we do. We can always do more for the community and I think amplifying the story will always help that as well.

Wayne: My guest this morning is Jason Lawrence, CEO and founder of SalesFix. You can find him at Jason I do appreciate your time, how can people reach out to you?

Jason: They can email me directly at [email protected] is the easiest way.

Wayne: Jason, thanks for being with us today.

Jason: Thanks Wayne.

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