Bruce Hartman: Fostering Integrity and Accountability in the Workplace

Fostering Integrity and Accountability in the Workplace

Bruce Hartman

Guest: Bruce Hartman

Presenter: Neal Howard

In this episode, Bruce Hartman shares his thoughts on fostering integrity, camaraderie, and accountability at work. He also talks about his latest book, Jesus & Co., where he offers a rare blend of strategic and tactical business acumen with principles of integrity, camaraderie, and accountability. He fosters professional and business growth, while providing actionable insights.

Bio: Bruce Hartman is a seasoned executive with 30 years of success at Fortune 500 firms, who has repeatedly developed talent into C-Suite executives, encouraged employee engagement and development at all levels, and transformed organizations into high-performing centers of excellence. Hartman was the Executive VP and CFO at Yankee Candle Company, Cushman and Wakefield, and Foot Locker, Inc., where he established global banking and capital market structures and contributed to significant increases in enterprise value. One of his prime success stories came about during his tenure at Foot Locker, where the company rose from near bankruptcy to solid earnings generation with a stock price increase of 900%.

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