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Over the years, the general behavior of internet users has changed. People used to love filling out website forms to get in touch with a business. These days, most consumers are looking for phone numbers to call and get immediate response. This is where Call Tracking is greatly needed by companies.

Call Tracking helps track all incoming calls from potential customers. Inbound calls are recorded, regardless if answered or not. Phone numbers are listed giving businesses a way to call them back just in case their inquiries were not answered. They can even get email notifications for missed calls. Learn more about Call Tracking, its advantages and benefits from Google Guru Monte Huebsch, CEO and Founder of AussieWeb and AussieWebConversion.

Monte Huebsch attended a conference in Singapore last November 2015. Some of the topics discussed were problems raised by most of the clients who have SEO and Google Adwords, claiming that they have no significant increase in volume of phone calls from potential customers despite their online promotion efforts. One of the solutions offered is to use a Call Tracking system, which will allow businesses to track, monitor, record, and analyze their marketing campaigns and improve them to get better results. Listen to Monte Huebsch’s interview to learn more about Call Tracking.

Wayne Bucklar:   Joining me today is a regular guest on the program. Monte Huebsch CEO and founder of AussieWeb and Aussieweb Conversion joins me from Brisbane Australia. Monte welcome to the show.

Monte Huebsch:   Good day Wayne, good to see you again.

W:   Now Monte I understand you’ve been putting a lot of your time and considerable research abilities into Call Tracking. Now I’m not sure what this is so you better explain it to me like I’m five.

M:   (Laugh) Okay Wayne, well as you’d be aware from internet activities so with the last few decades we’re very, very good at driving traffic to people’s websites using Google AdWords or Search Engine Optimization to get the traffic to their site. But more and more people today, well our research shows that less and less people are filling out forms and waiting for people to reply because a. they’re worried about spam in their email box and b. they don’t want to wait. So they transition once they visit the website to a telephone number. And often once they go to that telephone number, we’d lose the ability to claim the responsibility for that lead or that prospect because we’re not able to track the phone number when they move. Well that’s situation has changed.

W:   Aha. And I guess the people using mobile phones to look at the website, the absolutely automatic thing to do is just push the call button.

M:   Click-to-call, either from Google Ads or just drag their click-to-call from a mobile website, they want to talk to somebody and they want to talk to them now.

W:   Yup. And so Call Tracking usually building to track those calls that are made by the potential customer.

M:   The Call Tracking systems available today allow you to either procure a custom landline or a 1300 number that is dynamically created on the website either when you drive traffic through Google AdWords or rather they just come to your site naturally.

W:   I see. So you’ve been playing with this for a while, what are your findings been? What have you found out?

M:   Well it’s interesting. The research indicates first of all if there’s a lot of calls surprisingly that go unanswered or not even dealt with at all. And back to data since, it indicates about 70% of the calls are answered. But 30% either ring out or get a busy signal and they’re lost. But when you have Call Tracking, the Call Tracking System will even record an unanswered call or a busy signal call.

W:   Uh huh. That’s an extraordinarily high number of prospects that are just not even getting into the conversion process, isn’t it

M:   That’s it.

W:    You put all that effort into get people to come to you and then they finally ring your number and you don’t answer.

M:    And the Call Tracking Systems today will actually send you an email to say that an inquiry was initiated and you didn’t answer it or got a busy signal. Or if you did answer it, it will record that information and actually record the call conversation for you as well.

W:  I’m surprised the numbers are so high Monte.

M:   Yeah, it was shocking to me as well. And the data was from some significant large organizations here in Australia who said “Oh we always answer the phone. We’ve got a call center, we don’t have to worry any of this.” And the data doesn’t bear that out.

W:   Management would be surprised too, I expect.

M:   (Laugh) Absolutely. When they think everything is going hunky dory and they realize that as much 30% of their inquires are not being dealt with.

W:   So is this Call Tracking an add-on that you install if you’re going to invest in Google advertising?

M:   That is one of the options. And I just returned from a conference with Google in Singapore where they were bringing all their SME partners together to discuss what was going on. And one of the problems that all of us have had is our clients saying “Hey your AdWords or your Search Engine Optimization isn’t making my phone ring.” Well that no longer has to be the case because with Call Tracking not only are you alerted to the fact that the call came in, but you can actually see that data in both your Google AdWords and in Google Analytics. Identify the amount of phone calls, where they came from, when they came from, were they answered, if they were answered you can then play back the conversation to see the quality of that inquiry.

W:   And Monte do you have a sense of what the expense involved in this is?

M:   Yeah. You can get a domestic landline number for as little as $10 a month and a 1300 number for $25 a month. And then on top of that, you do in fact pay for the duration of the call. But again, to have the ability to see how effective your expenditure is in driving online traffic from any source – it would even be from social media, that’s a very valuable activity.

W:   Yeah. And I guess there is a knowledge in all marketing that says “What counts is what goods count, than you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” So for those people who are concerned about measuring their marketing results, this probably a very good answer.

M:   Absolutely. It’s closing that loop that we were always getting people to websites and then losing them when they went to the phone, and we talk with clients and they say “Oh yes people how did you find us?” and we tick on a piece of paper in this and that. But that’s always an added activity that requires extra effort and often it’s not done with vigilance.

W:   Yeah. I have to say I’m very skeptical of the quality of this data from those sorts of in the store surveys about “Where did you hear about us?” or just based from my own experience, it’s one of those questions you say anything to get out of that conversation and move on.

M:   (laugh) Absolutely correct. So now there is no excuse for that. For a few dollars, well less than a few dollars a day if it’s a landline – that’s no longer the issue. You can now track all that right through the phone call and replay that phone call so you can see the quality of the inquiry. It just takes all the guess work out of it and it makes us accountable for the traffic generation. And again we have to be bidding on the right keywords or doing the right thing so that we’re qualifying the leads. But at least we can measure how many we receive and how engaged they are when the person talks to them on the other end of the line.

W:   Monte have you talked to any of your customers about installing this? And what’s their reaction been?

M:   The fact that it’s fully integrated with AdWords and with Google Analytics so that the data then comes in to their usual reporting. The only question is whether you’re gonna pay the $10 or $25 a month for a landline or a 1300 service, or even a mobile number if you want.

W: Yup.

M: There is a little resistance particularly when people are expanding hundreds or thousands of dollars a month on online marketing.

W:   It sounds like a very effective tool. And we’ll look forward, I hope to talking to you about it in a few months time when perhaps you have many thousands of people have used it and we’ll be able to get some sense from you as the what sort of improvement it’s given them in their bottom line.

M:   Yup, it’s worth knowing. I’m looking at a piece of paper and I’ll make this available to people relative to this video. But Google had a slide that they presented about all the Call Tracking companies globally and they ranked them. And we’ve been using the one that was most available in all English speaking countries and most of Asia as well called “Delacon.” And they’re fully integrated with Marketo and Optimizer and Adobe and Kenshoo and all Salesforce and all sorts of these tools. And so Google basically was referring to them as a Google partner in this Call Tracking area.

W:   Alright. Well it’s nice to know there are I guess well qualified suppliers available out there.

M:   Absolutely. And I mean as you say, to measure and to know for certainty takes away the guess work.

W:   Monte Huebsch CEO and Founder of Aussieweb and Aussieweb Conversion, once again thank you for your time today. It’s been a pleasure chatting to you again.

M:   Thank you Wayne. It’s nice to be able to talked about technologies that are cost effective and don’t break the bank.

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