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Many business owners spend thousands of dollars hiring marketing firms to assist them in generating leads but this does not guarantee success as some of these firms don’t actually know how to write in a way that will hit the pain points of their client’s actual market. Phoebe Lay of Thrive and Shine Coaching teaches business owners establish a system that enables them to essentially scale and through that system, they’re able to get more leads get more business and have more clients coming to them as opposed to fishing in the wrong areas. Phoebe advises entrepreneurs to “Put yourself out there, take action and having that willingness to go and give it a shot.”

Phoebe Lay is the Founder & CEO of Thrive and Shine Coaching, a service offering entrepreneurs to grow their businesses though having a marketing system and plan. Phoebe works with business owners to generate leads and build brand awareness in order to penetrate the market through Facebook.

Phoebe started up her first photography business shortly after returning from working in the UK in 2014. She then launched Matcha Sisters, a social enterprise which donates 50% of profits to rescued human trafficking victims. Marketing and driving traffic through social media soon became a passion and a vital component of what she does.

Since then Phoebe has launched Thrive and Shine Coaching with a vision to help business owners to scale by combing her experience in coaching with her skills in marketing and social media.


Bronwyn Williams: Well welcome everybody. It’s Bron Williams here coming to you from Business Radio And today, I have with me Phoebe Lay. Phoebe is the Founder and CEO of Thrive and Shine Business Coaching. So welcome Phoebe.

Phoebe Lay: Thank you so much for having me Bron.

Bron: And it is a damp, wet day here in Melbourne so it’s a great day to be talking. Now Phoebe can you tell us what does Thrive and Shine Business Coaching do? Tell us a bit more about how your business is different to other coaching.

Phoebe: Yeah, great. Well firstly thanks so much for having me, it’s such a pleasure to be interviewed by you. And yeah likewise, like you said on this gray and rainy day. So a little bit about what I do is as you probably know I’m a Facebook marketing business coach so what I do is I am essentially a coach for entrepreneurs and I help business owners to create a funnel and a system and strategy that is going to enable them to put in place a well established done-for-you system that allows them to generate leads on Facebook. So what that pretty much means is a lot of business owners these days on Facebook and spending a lot of time on there but not doing the right things. They’re usually spending a lot of that energy and their time on creating a following or creating, writing posts and boosting those posts because that’s what Facebook wants us to do but they’re actually not getting the business or the leads that they’re needing out of it. And so I essentially jump in to help business owners to establish a system that enables them to essentially scale and through that system, they’re able to get more leads get more business and have more clients coming to them as opposed to fishing in the wrong areas,  so I say.

Bron: Look, that’s great. And there are a lot of people, a lot of coaches who do very much a similar sort of business to your own and and that’s fine because there’s plenty of people who are using Facebook, there are plenty of people in the marketplace. Sso what sets you apart Phoebe, what do you think that you bring to this space that perhaps other coaches in this area don’t?

Phoebe: Yeah. So what what essentially sets me apart from other people that are in this space, in the Facebook marketing space, is I’ve got a lot of background in business and in marketing and Facebook but what makes the thriving business mastermind and that I guess the programs that we offer different is that there’s a lot of one-to-one guidance and support in what I do. So as opposed to letting a business owner figure it out themselves and having to trial and test and go through the highs and the lows and the unknown of what Facebook is going to do with their ads and who they’re going to target, how they’re going to do this split testing and retargeting and remarketing and all that I actually jump in there and help business owners all the way through. So I do a step by step, a 12-week is this mastermind program with my clients and they essentially are able to go through that with someone that’s not only data before but replicated at time and time again for their clients and not have to I guess do like a traditional online program where they’re jumping on a group coaching session, webinars and then going off and scratching their heads going “How do I actually do that?”

Bron: Or “How do I put this into practice?”

Phoebe: Yeah, pretty much.

Bron: Yes and look, I understand that. I’ve certainly bought those sorts of programs in the past and so I certainly understand more about how Facebook Ads and things work. But often, you are left to your own devices and depending on your level of ability or comfort in the online space and particularly with Facebook, you do have either a lot of success or not a lot. So do you find you have people coming to you who have tried other systems, other coaching methods, other maybe group sessions and haven’t been effective. Not because those things are bad or wrong, but they just haven’t worked?

Phoebe: Yeah, I’ve had a lot of people that have come to me in the past and they’ve tried other ways that haven’t given them the results they wanted. And a common thing that I hear a lot is that people have spent thousands of dollars on outsourcing to a digital marketing team or outsourcing to a company or a firm or a consultancy that has promised them leads and but what happens is because they outsource their copywriting and what happens is when someone else is writing your copy, they don’t actually know how to write in a way that will hit the pain points of your avatar and of your actual market. And so those people are writing on your behalf without actually knowing who they’re actually speaking to. So a lot of people end up wasting thousands of dollars on these kind of digital marketing agencies or outsourcing and things like that but they end up still coming back to square one. So what I like to take people through is a process that doesn’t necessarily do it for them because there is a component of work that is involved but it allows them to see that it is something that it doesn’t have to be difficult and all over the place. They just need structure and they just need to know how to do the right things and at the right time. So for instance, running the correct ads to the correct audience, setting the right parameters and all that. That’s all part of what I teach but I show them how to do it in a way that enables them to do it themselves and it’s much more effective that way.

Bron: That is good, isn’t it? Because then people feel as though they’ve taken some control of their business, they have a deeper understanding of how their business works and I think too there’s that whole idea of your own voice as an entrepreneur and as a marketer, as a business owner, I got to ask you what sets Thrive and Shine apart from other businesses that offer a similar product and it’s about of your own voice as a business owner, isn’t it? And being able to communicate that because you will speak to one group of people and somebody else will speak to another because there’s thousands and millions of people out there who are looking for our services.

Phoebe: Yeah, that’s right. Exactly right Bron and it gives them control over their own budget as well because how many times that have we handed something over to someone else and gone “Oh, I’m not really sure if I’m comfortable with that” or they’re not sure whether or not that’s that’s what’s going to give some results but they allow that to happen anyway because people say that they’re the experts.

Bron: Yeah, and we trust.

Phoebe: Yeah, it’s that trust. But essentially, what they’re missing is that component of their own personal touch to their posts and the results and knowing when to put out what and it’s about putting out the right message in a way that positions the brand to have a strong branding and credibility and trust for them to turn that into business.

Bron: And I think people, we’re becoming so much more familiar with how things are expressed online and we have our antenna up, don’t we? And we go “Oh that doesn’t sit right with me” or “That sounds like it’s generated by a bot” or “It doesn’t sound real.” Or I think and so what you’re doing is offering people the opportunity to have an authentic way of reaching their target market.

Phoebe: Yeah, that’s it.

Bron: That’s excellent. So do you have an ideal client for yourself? I’m assuming you do. So what’s your ideal client, your avatar?

Phoebe: Yeah. Well my avatar, my ideal client is someone who has established their business and understands the importance of Facebook marketing and is starting to need more leads, so they’re ready for growth. It’s the business owner that has already established their product or their offering and they know who they want to target, they know what message they want to put out there but they’re just at that stage where they’re now ready for a system and ready to start scaling their marketing so and that’s usually the kind of people that I work with, but I like to work with all kinds of businesses. And in terms of the industry, the industry is not so much, I mean usually it’s more people that are in a consultancy or service type industry so a lot of coaches, a lot of consultants and things like that, but it’s more the people that are, it’s more about where they’re at so if they’re ready if Facebook marketing I think that’s going to scale their business, then they’re the kind of people that I like to work with.

Bron: No, that’s good. And I noticed having a look at your Facebook page you talk about choosing a platform and getting really good at it.

Phoebe: Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, because so many times I’ve heard people ask me like “Oh should I be jumping on LinkedIn? Should I be doing some marketing on say Twitter or Instagram? Like “What should I be doing?” and I always say that if you can nail Facebook and understand and do well on Facebook with the algorithm that it has and you have the strategy that is going to work on any of those other platforms, because Facebook, the statistics say that it’s 8.4 times more effective than any other social media platform and because you’ve got something along the lines of 2.2 – 2.3 3 billion people on Facebook or 15 million in from Australia alone, it’s one of those platforms where you’re not going a miss that ideal client, they’re they’re definitely on there. And once you have this strategy and the right plan and system in place for that, when you’ve worked out Facebook, you can work out any of the other platforms.

Bron: Oh that’s excellent Phoebe. So as we bring our time together to a close, what is one thing that you would like to leave our listeners with?

Phoebe: Oh well look, one thing that I would like to leave our listeners with is follow your truth, follow your voice and don’t be afraid to put stuff out there and just get stuff out because done is better than perfect and something that my mentor has always said to me when I first started was ‘It’s never about the ducks aligning, it’s about putting yourself out there, taking action and having that willingness to go and give it a shot.’ So that’s what I would love to leave the listeners out there with.

Bron: That’s excellent Phoebe and as someone pointed out, ‘The only time that you actually have ducks are in a row is when they’re on the move and they’re walking.’

Phoebe: Yeah that’s right. I love that.

Bron: So it’s action. So Phoebe, how can people reach you?

Phoebe: Well the obvious would be Facebook. I mean, I’m on Facebook and I’m on Instagram and we’ve obviously got a website and LinkedIn but Facebook is our the best way to find me so  if anyone is looking for a group, I have a group called Thrive and Shine in Business and they’re welcome to join that Facebook group and what they’ll get is Facebook lives and there’s a hashtag Friday Promote my Business and Tuesday Event, they want to promote what they are doing and themselves as well. I mean, it’s a great way to connect, so Facebook’s definitely the platform to touch base with me.

Bron: And on how surprising is that, given that you work on Facebook.

Phoebe: The traditional phone and website and all that, that all works as well, that’s all fine.

Bron: No, that’s great. Well thank you, it’s been wonderful talking with Phoebe Lay here today on Business Radio and her business Thrive and Shine Business Coaching. So thank you Phoebe.

Phoebe: Thanks so much for having me.

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