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Effective Learning Solutions for Healthcare Professionals - Frontline Care Solutions

Dr. Drew Dwyer joins Business Radio Talkers.FM to converse about the role of Frontline Care Solutions in providing learning solutions to enhance an individual’s knowledge to meet healthcare standards. Clinicians and carers are provided with online courses, training and seminars in a format that is easy to understand, absorb, and use in a healthcare space.

Frontline started as a small consultancy business with focus on the aged care sector. As society changes, so does the healthcare system. Frontline changed its name from “Frontline Aged Care Solutions” to “Frontline Care Solutions” to be able to provide support not just to aged care professionals, but also for people who work in community care,  disabilities and mental health domains.

Over a short period of time, Frontline became popular and soon moved into the digital space, where people from across the globe can access educational materials through the internet.  Frontline’s mission is to meet the international standards of evidence based practice when providing education materials and resources, so that they can be utilised on a global scale and by anyone.

Join us in this episode as Dr. Dwyer talks more about Frontline and its services.



Wayne:  What does Frontline Care Solutions do and who do you do it for?

Dr. Drew:  Frontline Care Solutions was born out of myself, my wife, a couple of colleagues that really have that passion about teaching and educating people in the right space. So people, clinicians, care workers at any level, regardless of the level. A lot of the work is done on the frontline in care at the bedside in the room, in the house, in the hospital, in the home.

So Frontline Care Solutions used to actually have a name of Frontline Aged Care Solutions. But as the society is changing, the healthcare system has changed, we now have group disabilities, aged care and community services all into the one health domain because it’s a cohort of people now that is quite diverse. So Frontline changed its name from Frontline Aged Care Solutions to Frontline Care Solutions so that Frontline itself could diversify and provide this information to people who work in aged care, people who work in community care, people who work in disabilities and people who work in mental health.

All courses, and workshops and seminars that clinicians and carers and people can attend and be given in a format that makes sense easy to understand, and absorb, and they can take it back to work, and take into their care spaces and use it. And so over a small period of time, Frontline became very popular. And as Frontline started to get more popular, it moved into the digital space where Frontline started to record the information from the experts and make resources that people could get online. So as we move more online, Frontline went more online. And now people on the front line in care can get access to Frontline’s information materials, training and resources, policies, procedures, how to run things, manage things, best practice ideas, things like that. Through the internet, download them and use it themselves. So it’s born as a business that focuses on the front line of care, focuses wholly in consultation, education and developing people’s skills and allowing a space for not only care workers, family carers but also qualified clinicians at all different levels of knowledge to enhance, continually practice and get better skills at what they do and to know that the stuff we’re teaching them is evidence-based and it is real.

Wayne: Does Frontlines Care Solutions provide assistance for healthcare individuals and institutions meet Compliance to Standards?

Dr. Drew:  Part of the Frontline business because when you work in institutional care, Frontline has a particular focus where it looks at compliance of the care workers who are not regulated by law. They still have to have skill and the compliance of what an institution or organization has to meet to the government law. So this can be a very complex and broken system. So Frontline, a part of its team spends a lot of time looking at people, their skills, their competencies, their compliance to meet the legislations, accreditations and the needs to be getting a tick in the box as an accredited service, a service that consumers can value. And so part of Frontline is they develop the learning and education of compliance to standards for teams and the compliance for policies, procedures, transactional frameworks, flowcharts, forms and tools for organizations to hold themselves accountable to be accredited by so they can do their job well.

Wayne:  Does Frontline Care Solutions offer their services to healthcare individuals and institutions?

Dr. Drew:  Yes. So Frontline focuses its business in three areas. Frontline has a mission and a value statement that says, “Best Outcome for the Client” which is the patient or the person in care. “Best Outcome from the Care Workforce,” that’s nurses, and carers and family carers and “Best Outcome for the Organization.” So everything that Frontline does, produces and makes, must have those three elements met. So if they design or make something, it can be given to the consumer to understand and they understand it, it can be given as a best outcome of knowledge and practice for the workers and they’ll be given to the organization. So Frontline more or less streams its business towards information education for consumers, information education for carers, and paid carers and unpaid carers and information and process and things for organizations that want to wrap themselves around and support those people.

Wayne:  Does Frontline Care Solutions provide assistance with professional accreditation?

Dr. Drew:  Yes. So Frontline aligns itself with a number of institutes, like the College of Nursing, the Australian Counseling Association and a few of the other institutes, the Australasian College of Care Leadership Management and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Frontline and their staff and their people learn those systems of accreditation in those businesses and then Frontline gets accredited to be able to write its material to the standards of those organisations. So those peak bodies or organisations that govern everybody or set as standard for everybody. The Frontline system meets those standards and everything they create. So Frontline has that little tick in the box that says, “The materials we offer you are accredited by those organisations and we can give you a point for every hour you’re learning.” And when they audit you to hold your registrations and your credibility, our teaching adds up to those points. So if a person needs a hundred points a year, 50 of their points could be 2 or 3 of our courses or 6 hours in a seminar could be 6 points for them. So they value the fact that Frontline works in the background to make sure the information and the time that a consumer, or a client, or a customer or student uses has gotten value to what we offer. There’s an outcome to what they get. They’re not doing it for nothing.

Wayne:  What does Frontline Care Solutions do?

Dr. Drew:  Frontline is a consultancy firm that provides consultancy to institutions to assist them with compliance, leadership and management of their organization and its care workforce in both community, aged care, mental health and disabilities. And it’s also an organization that produces educational materials, workshops and forms, and tools and things for people to use when they are either a carer, paid carer or unpaid carer, or a workforce or a particular band of people that are looking for better education, clear education and education that helps them grow and develop in their practice.

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