Energise, Engage and Empower Your People with Lisa Fogarty

PID 3581 - Empower Your People with Lisa Fogarty

Lisa Fogarty, CEO and Director of Performance Circle, joins Talkers.FM to talk about her passion to engage the people within a business and make them feel empowered to bring the best they possibly can to maximise business profit.

Lisa is a practiced speaking professional with a reputation for engaging an audience during and after the event. With a range of topics from customer engagement, selling-skills, strategy, innovation, presentation skills and relationship building, Lisa often shares her knowledge and methods through workshops, consulting and keynotes in a variety of industries such as Automotive, Retail, Real Estate, Education, Banking, Finance and Insurance.

Lisa is fully accredited in Training and Assessment and Financial Services and has held several certifications as an Authorised Credit Representative with leading Australian Financiers and Insurers.


Bronwyn Williams: Well hello everyone, this is Bron Williams here and I’m coming to you from Business Radio talkers.fm. And today, I have with me Lisa Fogarty who is the owner, CEO and Director of Performance Circle. So welcome Lisa.

Lisa Fogarty: Hello Bron, it’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you for having me live on this wonderful show this morning.

Bron: That’s fantastic. So Lisa can you tell us what you do and who you do it for?

Lisa: Not a problem. I’m actually, as you said the founder, director and also the CEO of a magnificent coaching and consulting business. We maximize profit by empowering people. We literally engage the people within a business so that they feel empowered to bring the best they possibly can to that company or business so that they can maximize profit for that.

Bron: So it’s about where some business coaches might go in and look at profit and loss and your bottom line and those sorts of things, you’re actually looking at people.

Lisa: I am. So we literally go in and walk in what we call the customer’s shoes. So the customer to us are whether they’re internal in the business or external, so we’re unique where we only look at the people because we believe that if people are empowered, they will be happy. And when people are happy, they actually do more for the people that they work for. So that’s why we find ourselves to be unique, we actually energize people, we engage people and therefore we believe that engage people are going to give you more for your business.

Bron: That’s fantastic. Now I find the word ‘empowered,’ it’s actually not one of my favorite words in the English language. When you talk about empowering business owners, what are some of the things that might feel make a business owner not feel empowered as though their power is being drained away or taken away from them?

Lisa: Well often when we speak with a business owner they feel like their people aren’t listening to them, and they’re right. Their people aren’t listening to them because they feel that they themselves aren’t being listened to. So what we actually do is we go into the business and we  say “If you’re ready to take action, if you’re feeling drained, if you truly believe that you want the best performance out of your people, we need to get down to the core reason why your people aren’t doing what you want them to do for you and that’s why you’re being burned out… They need to take action and the action is they need to listen. The people in their business actually hold the key to their performance and I’m sorry I’m going to say it again Bron, they’re not feeling empowered.

Bron: I get the word. It’s one of those words that gets used a lot and because it gets used a lot, it actually loses its own power.

Lisa: I would agree with you there. So when people actually get to use that power because then do feel empowered. So let’s get back to that, people are first employed to do a job, they’re very very engaged. So one of the things that we do at Performance Circle is actually go and interview all those people, interview them for the job that they were originally employed to do and find out if that they’re actually still doing that. And the other thing is that the business owner is usually juggling 50,000 things on one foot and expecting to get the best result possible. And this is why they’re also not feeling empowered. They’re no longer listening to the people that they originally employed for the job that they employed them to do and well do I really need to say any more? It’s a mess! So what Performance Circle does is they actually say “We’re going to give you a … report. You’re going to sit down you’re going to listen for the first time in a long time and we’re also going to then build you your business from the relationship side.” So we are actually going to teach you all how to listen to each other and here we go again Bron, we’re going to empower you all to get back on track.

Bron: Isn’t that interesting? That whole power of listening and of being heard and I think there’s so many instances across the world at the moment of people’s voices being silenced and none of us male or female, child or adult, none of us like not being heard because it impacts who we are and our own image of ourselves, doesn’t it?

Lisa: It certainly does and we don’t need to actually speak to be heard Bron.

Bron: So how else can we be heard and if we’re not using our voice?

Lisa: In business in particular, when we go into a business, we walk in the customer’s shoes. So when we come to a business whether or not and we’re walking into a business with our feet, as soon as we walk in we can see, we can feel, whether or not a business is running correctly. So we can see on the faces of the people that are working there. We can actually feel through the body language, we can feel with their hearts. So even as a child, when you’ first fall, you can’t speak literally but you can communicate. So we can echo looks at many different things, we can look at your people through our eyes but we also do it with our hearts and we get you to reconnect, we get you to connect with your people by actually saying “Let’s look at the mindset of everybody.” Let’s look at, and the word you don’t like Bron because it gets used too much, let’s look at the mindset. Let’s ask one particular question, let’s get every single person of that business to ask this question, “Would I employ myself today?”

Bron: Right. You have to be very honest with yourself, don’t you?

Lisa: You do.

Bron: Yeah, that’s great. So who would you see is your ideal client?

Lisa: My ideal client would actually be a profitable business owner who’s wanting to go to the next step or it would be a business owner that’s struggling, one that’s feeling burned out and thinking to themselves or maybe listening right now and going “That’s me. My people would like me to be a better listener. I’d like to actually be able to go into work and think that all my people are wanting to take me to the next level because they value working for me. But maybe I am not being approachable. I think I am approachable, I think I’ve got my door open and everyone wants to come and tell me what I want to hear, but do I really need to hear what I want to hear or do I need to hear what I need to hear?”

Bron: Yes, because it is lovely. Like we all need what we want to hear, we all need that positive feedback. We all need encouragement but there are times when we just need the hard words as well. Hard words given in love, given with good intention, not given in anger or bitterness or resentment, but hard words that we need to then listen to and take on board.

Lisa: Most definitely. I also like working with individuals and doing private coaching sessions. Just like with today, I ran through a Zoom session, a lot of the business that I have worked with many years, we actually go into a sustainable situation where once we’ve worked collectively they say to me, “How can we stay in contact with you Lisa?” And I say “Why are we just go into a maintenance program?

Bron: Yes.

Lisa: And then people actually want to talk to me not only about business but private as well. We want someone to listen to you too and I think that I’m a pretty good listener.

Bron: That’s good. I was going to say you would want to be a good listener if you’re asking other people to listen too, yes. Because we must always walk our own talk, to use another cliche. So I know you are partnering with some people I have already interviewed, Craig and Jenny Dumnich from the States, to do some beautiful things on yachts in Queensland. Now how does that fit into your work with businesses and companies?

Lisa:  I’m so glad you asked Bron. It fits in magnificently because part of our leadership program that we do is actually sailing adventures. So I’m on a yacht, it’s quite extraordinary that listening is key as you could imagine you could always be a life and death situation. And in most businesses, it can be a life and death situation too. When we’re not listening to our people, we can go bust. So my husband and I, since 2001 have been taking people out on yachts, sailing the whitsundays and giving them an experience of a lifetime, actually getting them to clear their head and think about communication and a better way to overcome adversity, a better way to put themselves into a situation where they get comfortable in being uncomfortable to take themselves out of their comfort zone so they can actually take themselves to the next level. So if we think about what Performance Circle currently does, is they look at current situation. We then get to a particular point where we need to actually start thinking about work-life balance and then we look at Craig and Jenny do, they’re actually all about witness and work-life balance – they go hand and hand. We are actually joining together their wellness retreats and our leadership adventures and we’re bringing them to Australia in April next year so they’re going to join us and we think we’re going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Bron: Well gosh, knowing both of you, I will totally agree with that. So as we bring our time together to a close, what’s a takeaway that you would like to leave with our listeners today?

Lisa: I think anybody in any type of business – whether you’re a business owner, a large business owner or a small business owner, or starting out there – I think you could maybe take away my daily disciplines for performance. And I’d like to share them now if we have time?

Bron: Yeah, that would be great.

Lisa: Wonderful. First one is mindset. I think everybody needs to make sure that they have a plan when they first start their day. Think of yourself as being on show for your mindset, is as soon as you show up, you’re on show, the top from tip to toe. The second one is about engaging your people, making sure that you have a morning meeting, Oh no what about this? What if it was a catsup or a toolbox but making sure that this is about setting the scene, letting everybody else have a go. Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean that you … to a meeting. Training all the good teams out there train on a daily basis so make sure that you keep training. Just because you do it well once, doesn’t mean you’re going to do it well. The third would be taking, action taking action means that you will actually the opportunity to improve. If you don’t take action, you’ll never know… And last is accountability, accountability is the only way we will never ever have anyone say “It’s not my job.” So the daily disciplines for performance from Performance Circle and I wanted to share that with anybody that is listening today.

Bron: Thank you Lisa, it’s just been wonderful talking with you. So if people are say interested in your cruise, I was going to say cruises but you’re sailing around the whitsundays, beautiful whitsundays here in Australia or getting in touch with the Performance Circle, what’s the best way to do that?

Lisa:  I think the best way would be to visit my website which is www.lisafogarty.com.au

Bron:  Lovely, thank you Lisa. Well it has been wonderful. This has been Bron Williams from Business Radio talkers.fm talking today with Lisa Fogarty from Performance Circle. Thank you so much for joining us Lisa.

Lisa: It has been my pleasure, thank you.

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