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Guest: Greg Gladman

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Overview: Sales team transformation expert, Greg Gladman, shares what sales and leadership performance do and how they work with business owners to help them achieve some quick and sustainable growth through sales improvements.

Greg is the Founder and Managing Director of Sales & Leadership Performance. He is also the Global Sales Director for Leadership Success. He works with his clients to help them grow revenue and profitability. With his professional yet practical approach, Greg makes it easy for CEOs gain an in-depth understanding of the sales organisation. He and his team work with CEOs to give them guidance to get the best from their sales managers and support the sales team to consistently win more business.


Wayne Bucklar:  You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. My guest today is Greg Gladman. Greg is the Managing Director of Sales and Leadership Performance and the good news about a company called “Sales and Leadership Performance” is I’ve got a pretty good idea what he does. Sometimes with companies, I don’t get any idea but this time I do. Let’s see if I’m right. Greg, welcome to the show.

Greg Gladman:  Thank you Wayne, thanks for having me on today.

Wayne:  It’s our pleasure. Now Greg, I reckon I could guess what it is you do but I’m going to let you tell the story just to see if I’ve got it right. Tell us what it is that Sales and Leadership Performance do?

Greg:  Well look, what we do is we partner with CEOs and business owners and sort of middle sized businesses and we sort of work with them to make sure that they have specific targeted areas that we could get them some quick and sustainable growth so think sales improvements. What we do is a little bit different, we come into their organization and we objectively assess their teams, their managers but also the systems, the process, the pipelining behind the sales. We have a look at how that aligns to the global best practice.

Wayne:  Now there’s a lot of sales service companies if you like to call it that who would say much the same thing. What is it that you do that makes you unique?

Greg:  So look, we have access to a world-class tool out of the U.S., it’s called “Objective Management Group” and it’s all that we use. It gives an objective skills assessment. So when we’re putting salespeople and sales managers through our evaluation process, we’re asking them real-world questions around hypothetical situations and scenarios to actually find out what they would do in the real world. And we’re asking them questions around self mindsets, self skill set and some of those what we call “hidden weaknesses” or areas where they may not be aware that it’s affecting their ability to sell. So at the end of that process, once we’ve evaluated the salespeople, the sales managers and have a look at the backend structure, with some accuracy we can actually tell them where they’re going to get the best bang for their bucks. So rather than training everybody in everything, we focus on specific areas that will give them a quick turnaround.

Wayne:  Now that’s got to be very worthwhile for almost any company because I don’t think there’s many companies in the world who would say they’re not interested in having more sales. I did notice on your website a line or a phrase that I really liked which was “Diagnosis before Prescription.”

Greg:  Yes. It’s the way I would describe that is that if you went to the doctor and you said you had a really strong pain in the arm and he gave you “Panadol,” there’s a chance that it might fix the problem or you might be having a stroke and he has just given you some Panadol, so that wouldn’t be a great thing. So what we’ve found in the past and most of the companies who we have used in companies that I’ve work for come in and gave the pitch around, “here’s what we do and here’s the program and offer your team before they even spoke to us.” So that actually goes against everything that we teach and we coach our customers on is that we need to know first what the challenges are, where the problem is, what are the things that are stopping them from growing? It’s only then once we know those specific areas of focus that we can actually give them a solution that’s going to work. So we very rarely get people to react and say, “we want sales evaluation to work out where our problem is.” We usually get phone calls saying, “We’re in a real pain, we’re not growing, we’re going backwards and we don’t know where to start.” So CEOs are frustrated, they’re not seeing the growth they want to see, they don’t actually know what the problem is. And so most of the time they’re saying to us, “We need training. You need to come and teach us how to close, You need to teach our salespeople how to sell.” It’s not always as simple as that. It’s usually a lot of different things that are out of whack that we need to help them put into alignment and once they can put those things in alignment, you’ve then got a platform that you can grow from.

Wayne:  Now I noticed on your website a bunch of brand names that are recognized as global brand names that you’ve worked with in the past. If you were to think about our listeners today and you had the magic of being able to stare down the microphone and see them listening, what is your perfect customer look like? Who’s the person who you think should really be going, “I need a bit more of that Greg Gladman guy?”

Greg:  So if you look at the majority of our customer base across Australia and New Zealand would be a business with between 5 and 20 sales people inside their organization. Usually businesses who are growing but probably not as fast as they want it or they might be not growing or going backwards and especially, industries that are supplying the mining industry or industry that might be declining where they’re traditionally had strong sales but all of a sudden, those phones aren’t ringing anymore and they don’t know why, they don’t know what to do about it. They’re not quite used to doing those proactive outbound calls. So they might need some support around in getting their team up to speed to know what are the latest and greatest practices that can help them get their business back on track. So if I have to say, yes, 5 to 20 salespeople and not quite sure what they need to do to fix it and that’s where we can offer the most value.

Wayne:  Now Greg, you mentioned there Australia and New Zealand so I guess they’re in your footprint. Is your footprint broader than that or do you specialize in Australia and New Zealand?

Greg:  We have quite a number of clients over in the USA as well and we have a few clients in the UK. We try to focus on Australia and New Zealand and U.S. at the moment. We tried global, it does give you a few challenges around time zones. So we made it a conscious decision to focus our growth in Australia and New Zealand. However as you know, we will start working with a company in Australia and now they’re on average, our clients are getting about a 37% growth after 12 months. So it doesn’t take long for that to sort of flow upstream and you’ll find that the Australian CEO will be flying across to the U.S. and talking to the U.S. and before we know it we’re doing that business as well. So while we don’t market outside of Australia and New Zealand, we get a lot of referrals and introductions to global brands.

Wayne:  And we think we’ve got a radio station for Australian and New Zealand but it is the internet and it does go global. So who knows who’s listening really?

Greg:  Exactly.

Wayne:  Greg, there’ll be people out there listening who are saying, “Alright well we’d qualify, we’re not growing as fast as we’d like to and we fit that profile in terms of size.” How can those people reach up to you?

Greg:  Well probably the easiest way is to jump on our website and contact us through there and have a bit of a look while you’re there. The website is or alternatively, they can email me directly and I’m happy to get back to them and have a discussion around the challenges they’ve got and what they’re trying to achieve and my email address is [email protected].

Wayne:  And because I’m always in trouble for doing this before people have their pencils ready, that email address was [email protected] and the website is And if you’ve missed both of those at that time, there’s also on the transcript that you can get off our website. Greg, it’s been a pleasure having you with us today. I appreciate your time.

Greg:  Thank you Wayne, great to be here.

Wayne:  If you’ve just missed my chat with Greg Gladman, the Managing Director of Sales and Leadership performance, I have good news. We have on our website a transcript where you can read the interview but we also have an audio archive and you can listen to the interview. Well you can treat it like a little podcast really. You can download it and listen to it over and over again and that’s on iTunes, YouTube and SoundCloud and all those links are on our website at This is Business Radio Talkers.FM, my name is Wayne Bucklar.

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