Growing Your Business Using The Bizversity App



Guest: Dale Beaumont

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Overview: Dale Beaumont talks about Bizversity, a revolutionary learning platform that is considered the ‘Netflix for Business.’ It provides an online access to the world’s best business training videos created by leading business experts from around the world.

Guest Bio: Dale Beaumont is an Award-Winning Technology Entrepreneur, International Speaker and the Author of 16 Best-Selling books. Dale started his first business at 19 and has been building companies ever since. One of those companies is now a multimillion dollar enterprise, which has enabled Dale to become an Investor, Philanthropist and to step foot in 70 countries. With a passion to give back, Dale’s goal is to help more than one million entrepreneurs around the world with Bizversity.


Wayne Bucklar:  You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar my guest today is Dale Beaumont. Now, Dale is Founder and CEO of Bizversity. Bizversity bills itself as the “world’s best business training” anywhere, anytime and the “number one app for growing your business.” Dale, welcome to the show.

Dale Beaumont:  Thank you so much.

Wayne:  Now Dale, I read on your bio that you’re an award-winning technology entrepreneur, you do some international speaking, you’ve written 16 best-selling books and you started at 19. That’s not a bad history for someone who started at 19.

Dale:  Yes, I kind of consider myself to be a little bit of an impatient person. So I’m always trying to push the boundaries and pack in as much as I can. So I started out in business when I was 19, I lasted about 6 months working in a job and just found that it was sort of too slow and the only way to get ahead was to chart your own course and so stepped into the world of business and have a look back.

Wayne:  Now, you’ve been featured in Forbes, and The Huffington Post, and Business Insider Gizmodo, GQ and others. What is it the Bizversity does and who does it do it for?

Dale:  Sure. So what we aim to do is to provide access to the world’s best business training anywhere, anytime and we do that through a revolutionary learning platform that we have developed and people can basically download an app on their smartphone, their tablet, even their television as well and it gives them access to now over a thousand videos that have all been created by leading business experts from around the world and curated and organised into over 80 different topics. So many people describe our product as the “Netflix for Business” and we’ve also got some amazing features that were built into the app like for example people can download content directly to their device and they can then stream offline or without using any of their mobile data. And our primary market for Bizversity as you imagine is of course, business people. Around 70% would be people running their own small to medium-sized business and they were working to grow and access further knowledge. But the rest of our audience are people that are currently kind of working for someone else and either plan to start their own business in the near future or they could be working in a corporate position and they’re now required to think more entrepreneurially as they move up through their organisation. So basically, as an alternative, you could go and do an MBA which would cost about $40,000 or you can download our app for free and you can start your training today.

Wayne:  It’s interesting you mentioned the MBA is run by the universities because a lot of the major universities now have archives of their video footage on various channels and for free. Why is the app better than what the major universities are doing as evidence-based academically driven peer-reviewed research?

Dale:  Absolutely, great question. Well, if you’ve ever done an MBA before, I have it myself but I know not all of my clients have and basically, what you learn at MBA is great if you want to work for a large corporation. But it’s a terrible course to do if you want to start and run your own successful small business. Most of the MBA is very theoretical, it’s based on examples from large companies and it doesn’t equip you for all the things you need to know when it comes to starting from scratch. And the other thing is a lot of what is taught at MBA courses is management practices from the 70s and 80s and this certainly, you will learn nothing about social media, or Facebook advertising or what’s currently working in the marketplace kind of like right now. So we aim to provide a more contemporary approach to education, a one that’s fast, that’s personalized. that’s affordable and it’s easy to consume. So that’s really what we have created and because it’s an app, that’s what distinguishes us from just another website and it’s basically with people everywhere they go. And we’ve created some really cool features as well one of them for example gives people the ability to switch between audio and video modes. So if you want to sit down and watch a video, you of course can. However if you jump in your car or you’re going to the gym, or you’re going for a walk, or you’re in transit where you’re kind of arms and legs are busy but your ears are free, then you can turn any of our videos into an audio lesson. So it just means that people have basically said that because of our platform, they’re now consuming 5 to 10 times more content than they ever have before and if you follow that mantra, “The more you learn, the more you earn,” then there’s a direct benefit to your business success if you’re consuming and learning faster than everyone else.

Wayne:  Of course, I’m not sure I’d like to front into an interview and claim my qualifications at Bizversity against candidates who had an MBA from MIT, or Harvard or in Australia, the University of Melbourne or others. I I’m not sure that the earning and learning mantra would hold up real well in that circumstance.

Dale: And ensure, definitely if you’re going for a corporate position, there are many corporations that still care about where you went to school and your grades. I think if you’re running your own business, just having a piece of paper really doesn’t matter at all. And I do think now corporates do are much more open-minded than they ever have before and what they really care about is more practical education and things that are more relevant. So I’m not saying that for some people, it will be a substitute between going to university and spending $40,000, or for other people, it might be a compliment. You can go ahead and do that if you want to and you can spend 1% of that amount getting training through our platform. So it’s really up to an individual choice of how people really best want to learn.  

Wayne:  What inspired you to start up?

Dale: Well, I’ve been in business myself for 16 years and have spent probably close to half a million dollars in my own education and training going to hundreds, if not thousands of events. And through that, I have been someone successful in business that have done extremely well and that’s enabled me to travel to over 80 countries around the world. And what I’ve sort of discovered is that as I travel the world, that business is kind of like a universal language. However, a lot of other countries don’t have the same access to coaches, and mentors, and live events and workshops that are so abundant in countries like Australia ,the U.S. or the UK. And so I wanted to build a product that can help entrepreneurs globally. So if right now, our second biggest country is India and our fourth biggest country is the Philippines and so that’s really what I’m proud of is to be able to create a product that can help entrepreneurs all around the world and they can do so at affordable price. So our app starts as free download and people can watch as many videos as they want over two weeks and then if they want to then continue to use it on an ongoing basis and access all of our awesome learning features, then it’s just 10 bucks a month. So it’s affordable for anybody even people in third-world countries and even people that are just starting out.

Wayne:  It sounds like it. Is it all in English?

Dale:  Right now it’s all in English however, what’s really exciting is that we’re in the process of transcribing all of our videos and thankfully, with the machine learning, we’re now at the point where by computer-generated translations are now almost as good as human translation. So our plans for the future is to have all of our videos transcribed first of all into English and then translated into 20 different languages. And so as you’re watching a video, you can tap a button and choose to either read or hear that content are being spoken in another language. So that’s a part of what’s in our pipeline for the future.  

Wayne:  I haven’t looked at the app but it does sound like a very interesting concept. Do you see that there’ll be competition provided by the app for other institutions like the universities and TAFE colleges?

Dale:  Sure. I think that there’s definitely people that want to have a piece of paper and therefore, they need to go to a registered organisation. However, I think people need to realise now that’s not the only path to get educated and then sometimes, it’s actually a lot more expensive and you don’t actually even learn as much. So I think it’s an alternative and it’s providing people with something that is personalised, that’s low-cost and also is accessible through the one device that people have with them everywhere they go and that is their smartphone. Now, just as an example, we have a lot of people using our platform that live in country or regional areas that don’t have access to TAFE or university. But they’re wanting to grow out their business and they’re seeing our app as a great way that their classroom is basically in their pocket. So this is another alternative formal education.

Wayne:  And Dale,  for people who want to get hold of you or who want to access the app, what’s the website for it?

Dale:  So the best way is to go to our website and then you can create a free account and then download the app. So the app is called Bizversity,, that’s the best place to go. If you want to find out more about me, then you can go to my personal website which is just my name. So you’re probably seen in the short notes there or just Google, “Dale Beaumont” and the website is of course

Wayne:  Dale, I do appreciate your time today. Thanks for making us all available to us.

Dale:  Thanks so much for the chat. Thank you.

Wayne:  If you’ve just joined us, then you just missed my chat with Dale Beaumont, founder and CEO of Bizversity, the world’s best business training anywhere anytime. It’s an app for growing your business, And the bad news is that you’ve missed my chat, the good news is that you haven’t missed it entirely. On our website, we have a transcript where you can read the interview but if you prefer to listen rather than read, you can also get it as a podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud and YouTube and download it at your leisure. My name is Wayne Bucklar, you’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM.

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