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Guest: Jia Wu

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Guest Bio: Jia WU came to Perth, WA to study when he was only 19. He received a double degree at his academic pursuit and achieved great success within a short period of time after graduation. He became the sales director in WA for the third largest electronics business in Australia. He led his team excelled from the fierce competition and reached the top position for the WA market for the year. In 2006, Jia started investing in property market and the profit he received from the investment enabled him to venture into property sales and rental market. He built his business from a small agency to a considerable sized group of businesses. Jia Wu is committed to getting investors the best investment products in WA and helping clients to achieve their Australian dream.

Segment Overview: Heritage Realty provides real estate services in Western Australia – commercial sales, commercial building, and commercial lending. Jia Wu hand selects his Property Managers to make sure they provide top quality services in the area. As a proof of excellence, their Property Management Department has increased by 40% in volume in the last 12 months, which is no doubt a big jump in their business growth. When asked about e-commerce and the coming of Amazon within Australian boundaries, Jia Wu is confident enough they could withstand the challenge as 99% of their marketing strategies are already done online.



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