Important Rules for Businesses to Create More Effective Slideshow Presentations

Most businesses frequently use presentations for a wide range of purposes. Some of the most common include pitches, reports, training, or marketing.

While creating slideshow presentations is easy enough, making sure they are effective is something else entirely. Ideally the kind of slideshows that you will want to create are the type that keep the capture the attention of the entire audience, and keep them fully

If that is your goal, there are a few important rules that you should follow when creating your slideshow presentation:

  • Define the goal of the presentation
    Before you create any presentation, you should clearly define its goal. Every part of your presentation should be structured with that goal in mind, and designed to try to achieve it.
  • One point per slide
    Each slide should consist of a single point, and should be structured to deliver that point as effectively as possible. While this will inflate the number of slides you’ll find that it makes your presentation shorter overall, as you can more quickly and
    effectively deliver the point that the slide contains.
  • Open the presentation with a hook
    The very first slide of your presentation should open it with a hook that entices viewers and grabs their attention. There are many types of hooks that you could use, but one of the most effective for business slideshows is to let the audience know the
    benefit they’ll gain from the presentation.
  • Visually deliver the information
    Try to use the available real estate in each slide to visually deliver the information the slide is meant to contain. Using some text is fine – but the bulk of the message should be visual so that they can absorb and retain it better.  Some of the visuals that are commonly used in business slideshows include illustrations, graphs, charts, and infographics. However it could be any visuals really, and will depend on the information that you want to put across.
  • Make sure it is concise
    The duration of business slideshow presentations can vary greatly depending on the topic and content that is being presented. As a rule however you should try to make your presentations as concise as possible, and vet them ruthlessly to remove any unnecessary parts or to simplify and condense information.
  • Only use visual effects if there is a reason
    Although visual effects such as animated transitions are a fixture of sorts in slideshows, you should try to only use them if there is a good reason. Misusing visual effects can make your slideshow look tacky, and actually reduce the impact that it has.
  • Don’t forget the call to action
    The end of every business slideshow presentation should be the call to action that basically points the audience to the next step that you’d like them to take. It should line up with the overall goal of your presentation, and help fulfill it.

Without a call to action your presentation may end up fizzling out at the end, and is much less likely to fulfill its goal.

Following these rules should help you to create much more effective slideshow presentations. In fact actually creating the slideshow will be the easy part, and there are many tools that you can use to do so such as Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac , for example.

If your slideshow is particularly effective, you may even want to turn it into video content. Just record the narration as a voiceover and save it and the presentation as a video that you can upload online and share on YouTube or other platforms.



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