JoAnna Ferrari: The Transition Specialist



JoAnna Ferrarin prominently known as the “Transition Specialist” joins Business Radio Talkers.FM to talk about her areas of expertise: performance coaching and transition coaching. She explains what is the difference between these two types of coaching. JoAnna also shares her own extraordinary story of transitioning and how she desires to inspire others to reach their goals not only in business but in their personal lives.

Guest: JoAnna Ferrari

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Bio: JoAnna Ferrari is ‘The Transition Specialist’. She has a brilliant track record as a Transition and Performance coach. She works with businesses, teams and individuals to get them into, out of and unstuck from transitions to reach their desired outcomes in business and in life.  

JoAnna has personally transitioned or reinvented herself over 21 times during her life. Some examples of these are; she has transitioned from child to entrepreneur at 15, from sciences to entertainment and model at 21, from sales to executive at 34, from executive to international speaker/author at 38, moving her life from Chicago to Australia where she underwent a most significant transition in 2013 when she transitioned her gender from male to female.

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