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Guest: Nathan Wade

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Guest Bio: Nathan Wade is the Founder and CEO of Marketing Juice. His first experience in business came from helping run his father’s small business. By focusing on marketing and lead generation he was able to grow the business from a small 2 person team to the largest training company of its kind in Australia. Critical to that success was the concept of direct response marketing. After first being introduced to it by a friend, Nathan’s drive and willingness to act fast helped him land an unofficial apprenticeship with one of Australia’s top direct response experts.

To further leverage the lead generation efforts he learnt from his mentor, Nathan then ventured into the world of online marketing. He quickly discovered that he had a natural talent for search engine optimisation and was able to dominate Google search results.  After leaving this business, Nathan joined DriveMyCar, an ambitious tech startup, to help them with their marketing efforts. Even as CEO, he still focused heavily on his passion for search engine marketing. He quickly became known as the search marketing specialist within his network. It was then a natural move for him to start his own digital agency, Marketing Juice, and focus on helping great technology, online and other growth hungry businesses to get the maximum return from their marketing.

Segment Overview:  In this segment, Marketing Juice Founder and CEO Nathan Wade joins the program to discuss about his interesting business model. He describes his company as  “result-obsessed digital marketing agency’’ with a focus on search engine optimization or SEO. He has a very wide client base ranging from technology-type businesses, start-ups to traditional service providers. For any company that wants to grow particularly in terms of their online presence, Nathan is the right man for the job.


Wayne Bucklar:  You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar and today, joining me in conversation is Nathan Wade. Now Nathan is the Founder and CEO of Marketing Juice, yes that’s and Nathan joins us from Sydney in Australia. Nathan, welcome to the show.

Nathan Wade:  Hey Wayne, thanks for having me.

Wayne:  Now Marketing Juice is one of those names that guessing what you do could get me into a lot of trouble. And I’m not going to try and guess. Fill us in Nathan what is it that Marketing Juice do and who you do it for?

Nathan:  Yes, great. So look, we are a result-obsessed digital marketing agency, that’s how we like to say to ourselves. But look, predominantly what we’re best-known for is ‘Search Engine Optimization.” So that’s essentially the processes of helping a business become more visible with their online web presence. We are flexible who we team with because we like to try and pick one potential customer per industry who we think has a great potential for us to turn into the market leader. So our client-base is really quiet diverse, they range from technology-type businesses, start-ups through to traditional service providers. We even got some of the international heavyweight to our clients in Australia, in the UK, in China, in the U.S. So they cover a huge span of industries and sort of I guess industry sectors.

Wayne:  So if you’re looking for your perfect clients, can you try to give us a sketch of what they look like so that we can get a sense of who should come knocking on your door?

Nathan:  Sure. So for us, it’s about making sure that our clients that are good fit to the services that we offer. Most people when they hear about Search Engine Optimization or SEO, it is pretty much anyone with the website tends to pick that they need SEO. But the reality is that Search Engine Optimization really is not a good fit to many businesses. So for us, really establishing whether it’s going to be a good fit. In working out with the customers, it’s going to be a good fit for us. So by good fit, I mean a good fit culturally and we’re looking to team up with people that are coachable, that are really looking to help their business. So that’s kind of our process that we go through. And then we also like to look at what’s their ability to actually convert any traffic in a day like. This is part of our process to what clients go through when you’re applying to working with us is we go through to their current sales process and look at if we were to double, or triple, or quadruple their traffic, are they well set up to get a better and really capitalize on that which many businesses don’t. They come to us and tell us “We want more traffic” when the problem quite often isn’t the traffic.

Wayne:  Do you find SEO as a dirty word amongst a whole lot of businesses? As soon as you mention SEO, people tell you immediately about how many international telemarketers they’ve had calls from and they don’t want to hear from those again?

Nathan:  Yes, sure. Look in certain industries, definitely that’s the case. More so, we find with much small businesses that can often be the case because they are small business owners that are quite bam-boozled by the whole SEO world in general. And as you said, they get contacted so often on the LinkedIn or via spam email from various overseas countries about SEO, that can be the case. With our much larger clients we do find that because more often than not, they’ve just embraced SEO as an essential part of their business.

Wayne:  I think almost everyone realizes that they have to have a presence on the internet that works for them one way or the other. And equally, a whole lot of people are resentful maybe, or angry or annoyed about the fact that they don’t actually understand this black magic that occurs. And if you’re a business person who is used to being in charge around both, I guess that’s very frustrating.

Nathan:  Yes, exactly. There’s good reason for much of the confusion. There’s such information overload out there for people, so much information online about what page to rank a website. The hard thing on business owners is 99% what out there is while it’s not bad, it’s really not going to be that last sort of bit of secret sauce that’s gonna make the difference. There’s a couple or really well-known sort of almost household names in digital marketing that are based in the States who have got multilingual speaking businesses based around just producing content and we’ve got content writers that are mostly juniors that are really well-educated but are not out there actually doing with testing themselves. That works for us is we’re just relentless in our testing.

Wayne:  Well you know, we’re a radio station. So we great deliver content because that’s what we do day in, day out. And I have to tell you Google kind of loves us for too because we publish transcripts, all our stories and Google we don’t think we find our brand but they’re very good at finding the stuff we publish from interviews from so on and so forth.

Nathan:  Absolutely. What we’re currently working on at the moment is just bulk content, bulk well written content, it’s a fun topic and it’s well-structured, absolutely.

Wayne:  Nathan, our listeners cannot see you but you’re not old enough to be in a grumpy old man category like I am. How did you get from a bright athletic skill boy with ambitions to be a rocket scientist to something interesting into SEO and what’s the journey been?

Nathan:  Funny story though. My ambition was not a rocket scientist, that was mechanic, that was gonna be a high performance motor mechanic and I got there and absolutely hated it. My father was running a small business which wasn’t doing particularly well. So I went and joined him there and I’ve ended up falling in love with, I went to a local seminar about marketing and just fell in love with it. And it was all about this really cheesy American style, direct response, copywriting, so it was about Dan Kennedy and Gary Halbert and all these classic names.

Wayne:  A lot of money exchanged hands on that copy.

Nathan:  Absolutely. And so, using Dan Kennedy’s principle of “Build a herd and fence them in initially this at around the small business that my father had. We quickly grew it to the largest training company that’s kind of in Australasia. And it’s funny though up at about 6 to 9 months of this rapid growth, we very much hit a wall. And now, I had been resisting really embracing online marketing. But my mentor at that stage, the direct response staff was in his early to mid-70s and see he wasn’t a big fan of the internet, this was 10 years ago. And so I was finally at the stage like 11pm on a Friday night and I was the last one at the office and I’ve got an email come in telling me about this $99 really spammy looking e-book. I think it was called like How to dominate Google in 10 minutes or less, or something cheesy. And I bought it, and it was just great. Everything they had in there, it just work really well. I think I stayed up all night and read it about 5 times. By the next day, I’ve rebuilt our corporate website and it ranked number one for all various industry, biggest training terms and it stayed there as long as I was there in the business. We managed to double the business over the next 6 months just by embracing online. And then my love for SEO just continued from there. So I went on to use my SEO skills to build and sell businesses. So I essentially look for pockets of traffic online that I thought had a high commercial value. It was not particularly bright going after it. So I build websites to dominate all of the traffic, I build a business around the traffic and then I’d sell the business.

Wayne:  That’s an interesting approach. That fits very nicely with my fishing analogy which is there is no point in going fishing when there are no fish.

Nathan: Yes. It’s so retarded how most people build a business. Like most people would go, “I want to build a sandwich shop.” So they build a sandwich shop in a location they think will be convenient in their home. And then the first time they think about marketing is when they put that little sign on the door for the very first time from close-open versus I’ve always like to do things completely the other way. We’ve built a Thai restaurant once and so the first just want to build it up and sell it off very quickly. And so the first thing we did, we basically wrote these ads to sell various Thai restaurants and see which was the restaurant which location gonna actually sell with the highest amount. Based on the inquiries that come through is that information to then go off and eventually build a restaurant.

Wayne:  In fairness, they have to say you’re talking to the owner of a various expensive hobby called, “Business Radio Talkers.FM” because I did exactly what the restaurant did. I’ve built a radio station first, then open the door for the advertisers. So I know the model, it’s not very good but I know the model.

Nathan:  Yes, you’ve got it. And then more recently, I went into the marketing position at a local tech start-up here in Sydney called “Drive My Car.” Essentially private car owners rent out their cars when they’re not being used. And then ended in the CEO role there and then we listed that on the ASX, so the Australian Stock Exchange about 4 years ago. It was funny role that I had because even as CEO, I was still essentially running all the SEO for them at that time. That was sort of my corporate escapee story. We’ve lasted after this big role in an office with this city with a picture of a horse jumping a fence on the wall and all I can think about is essentially doing the SEO full time.

Wayne:  Yes. Getting rid of the suit and tie and going back to something comfortable.

Nathan:  Yes, exactly. So that’s exactly what I did. I rid myself out of there, they turn into a really good customer, they’re still doing really well. And yes, Marketing Juice has been powering using the really great network that I built up over the previous few years. So now we’ve got a team of 9 based out here in Sydney with clients all over the place and we get to do what we love everyday.

Wayne:  That’s always a good way to work. Do you have any advice for people who are listening? Do you have the best three bits of advice you can get business owners about SEO or something in that kind of format of a takeaway message?

Nathan:  Yes, sure. Look, I guess some of the best advice that I can give you is to find someone that you really trust in the industry to help you determine whether SEO is going to be a good fit to your business. So business owners in general is a really struggle to quantify whether SEO is a good fit. Like a classic example is people often think that when it comes to SEO, they just need to be throwing money down a well all the time because the fact of it is we have to SEO, everyone should do SEO. I’m probably one of the only SEO expert that will figure and save it, maybe you should to know how to do SEO if it’s kind of a good fit for you. As a business owner, you need to really look at what’s the ultimate outcome that you’re trying to accomplish and how do you then counterplay whether SEO is gonna be a good fit. So the depended outcome may just be having a presence for a particular online theme. We have a client, they just wanted to be known for a certain theme online rather than, it doesn’t need to actually generate leads. Is it straight lead generation? Does it needs to keep your sales team busy? If you’re an online e-commerce business, does it have to produce a positive return in fewer sales numbers and net profit and things like that? And then outside of that, you need to work at how you going to cut through all of the massive information online to work out what actually works. That’s probably the best little snippets of information that I can give you other than probably to workout as a business owner, is if you are going to outsource? Whether you are going to do SEO yourself? I know of a number of small to medium size business owners that do really good job of bringing the SEO in-house. But that said, probably the first one to tell you that that’s taking out valuable time that they cannot spend working on the business doing other things. So it’s really is a bit of a balancing act.

Wayne:  Yes, it is. There doesn’t seem to me to be any shortcut way to get SEO to work. You need to understand your business, you need to know what you’re talking about. I don’t think that is different to the way marketing has been for a long time. But it certainly a time consuming and money consuming issue for a lot of businesses. Nathan, for people that we’ve touched today, how do they reach out to you?

Nathan:  Sure. The best to find us is via on our website which as you mentioned at the start, it’s So “JUICE” like the drink. And on the website, we have the digital outlet so if you’re not sure whether SEO is the exact best fit for you or even if you wanna just work out how it is that one of your competitors manages to mop the floor with those higher in the industry. Then you’re best to go to the audit process where one of my team will go through some analysis with you and for you and they can show you how you can essentially get more leverage at what you’re doing. Or, we’ve also go via our blog that gets really helpful free content on there. We did free video series right at the end of last year which a lot of small businesses are giving us feedback that they’re finding really helpful at the moment.

Wayne:  That’s all good stuff. Nathan, I appreciate you’re being with us today. I realize that you’re a busy person and appearing on Australian internet radio station is just not usually in your diary. Thanks for giving up your time to talk to us today.

Nathan:  No worries Wayne, my pleasure.

Wayne:  Now listeners, if you just joined us on Business Radio Talkers.FM, then you’ve just missed my chat with Nathan Wade. Nathan is the Founder and CEO of and one of the guys who makes an incredible amount of sense about SEO, Search Engine Optimization. And if you’re one of those businesses that everytime you hear the letters, “SEO” it fills you with grid because you get dozen calls a day about it. Then I’m really sorry, yes it real and you’ve got to do something about it but Nathan Wade is the guy who can give you some excellent advice on that and if you head off to, there are some tools you can use there and some videos you can watch for free. If you’ve missed my conversation and you’re feeling sad and depressed, we have on our website a transcript. So if you’re someone who likes to read, you can read the transcript of my full chat with Nathan. But if you’re a listener rather than a reader and I guess you are given that we’re a radio station, we also have an audio archive on SoundCloud, YouTube and iTunes where you can listen to it at your leisure. If you’re someone who’s too young to remember what radio stations are, think of it as a mini podcast, you can download and listen to it at your leisure on all of the social media channels. And speaking of social media, if you’re listening to us on social media, please remember all those little boxes at the bottom – little smiley faces, the likes, the shares, the ticks. We’d like it if you would use all of those because it makes us feel good about ourselves just like it makes you feel better when someone likes you. This is Business Radio Talkers.FM, my name is Wayne Bucklar.                         

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