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Mobile Property Management

Liz Malthouse, owner of Beachside Property Rentals, joins Business Radio Talkers.FM to share how their mobile property management strategy works for their clients – both tenants and property owners. Liz also emphasizes why dedicated rental agencies like Beachside are better than mixed purpose real estate agencies.

Beachside Property Rentals is a mobile property management service provider based in Sunshine Coast, which is dedicated to providing flexible property management support and personalised services to clients. They give regular rent reviews and inspection results to property owners, keeping them updated on the current status of their property.

Listen to our interview with Liz Malthouse to know more about the Beachside Property Rentals.


Wayne Bucklar:  My guess is Liz Malthouse of Beachside Property Rentals. Liz, welcome to the show.

Liz Malthouse:  Thanks.

Wayne: What does Beachside Property Rentals do for clients?

Liz:  So I’ve been up on the coast for 14 years now and I have worked in the real estate industry in property management and I’ve been with a lot of agencies helping tidy up a few things and growing their rent roll. And I found that a lot of the principles involved in the current agencies weren’t really connected to the property management department. So that was a little bit of a disappointment when it’s always, “sale sale, sales.” So I had a plan within myself that I wanted to actually start up my own business and just purely property management and give the clients the service that they actually are all wanting and in order to do that, I decided that I would create Beachside Property Rentals, so that’s how that was actually born. So we’ve decided to do mobile. I found that it’s important to actually be able to get to your clients and really, I need my car, I need the internet,,, they’re all the tools that I need and my car and my computer. So I can travel anywhere – I put my laptop in my car, I can go to an appointment, I meet people at properties, I make tenants at the properties. When a tenant moves in, I meet the tenant at the property and actually hand them the key. More personalized service rather than just being quite cold as the way it probably was very automated before. And the idea is actually to give the client being the tenant and the owner a more personalized experience. And I’m very invested in what I do, I love property management and it’s really important that we have that communication and that connection between all parties because I am the communicator between the owner and the tenant and it’s important that we all have a good relationship. So that’s where Beachside Property Rentals was born.

Wayne: Whereabouts does Beachside Property Rentals provide your services?

Liz:  So I manage properties out as far as Cooroy, Black Mountain, and then down to Yaroomba which is just past Mount Colin and then the surrounding areas – Peregian Beach, Peregian Springs, around that coastal area and a little bit into the Hinterland.

Wayne:  Why would people looking for a property manager turn to Beachside Property Rentals?

Liz:  Well we find that we’re more intimate and we’re more connected to the property. I found with a lot of other agents, property managers come and go. So you’re going to have continuity and I actually work in the business and I actually work with you as the client and with the property. So doing all the inspections and doing all the interviewing of the tenants, the viewings of the property, processing applications is all done by myself. So you’re not going to be passed off to another person in the office, I have people that do support me but I’m overseeing it all the time. So I’m probably more invested, more passionate and to me this is my career. It’s not my job, it’s my career. So I’m really invested in what I do and I’m really passionate about it.

Wayne:  What are the advantages of being a mobile property management company?

Liz:  Yes. It’s interesting because I met with a prospective landlord this morning and I said to her, “I do drive-bys.” It’s important that I do that and I’m more accessible whether I’m mobile in my car, it’s even via phone. I would challenge a lot of people to try and ring their property managers especially after five o’clock on a Friday and I’m sure they won’t answer their phone. I have owners call me on the weekends because it’s more convenient for them to contact me, they might be busy with their own business and that’s okay. So I will actually answer my call so I’m mobile and I’m accessible 24/7. Although if you wake me up in the middle of the night, I may not actually hear it.

Wayne:  Is a mobile property management company convenient for tenants?

Liz:  Yes, that’s really interesting. I’ve been having a chat to a couple of my tenants recently that I put into their properties. I actually met them at the property to hand the keys over which was something very foreign to a lot of tenants because usually they’re meeting in an office. And they found it really refreshing because they could see the property, they were welcomed in, bring a cup of coffee to them, so I make them feel welcome. It also gives them the opportunity to have a look at the property with things that we’re going to be addressed before a tenant moved in. So  it’s more personalized although the other thing too is really important that we have that conversation with the tenant, with the rules and regulations of renting in Queensland and to ensure that they’re actually abiding by their obligations in the tenancy. So it’s really important also for me to sit down with them and have that conversation.

Wayne:  Why is establishing a good relationship between property managers and tenants important?

Liz:  Not all agencies have that conversation with tenants so I actually dispute that. I think we have to build a relationship with our tenant. I don’t want to be in the tenants’ pockets by any stretch of their imagination because that’s a business transaction. But it’s important that we have that rapport with them. And sometimes if a property is actually tentative, we actually can’t do a lease sign up in the property. So we go to a local cafe and I actually buy them a cup of coffee and we go through all the documents that are required and what I actually expect and what we expect as a result of them managing, looking after this property, renting a property so then moving forward that they are fully abreast of what they’re responsible for. So just have a good relationship with the tenants, I think so. I have tenants text me and they know they’re going to get a reply. Tenants are very grateful because they can actually get hold of me. And if a tenant can get hold of me with relation to a maintenance issue, well then it might save the owner a couple of hundred dollars because we can address that there and now rather than wait until Monday when someone going to answer their phone to have the issue addressed. It could be a water leak, it could be doing damage to a cupboard. So accessibility to tenants for maintenance or tenants for other issues whether it be signing a lease, it’s all about communication about the investment that the owner has.

Wayne:  Does Beachside Property Rentals cater to owners who rent their properly discreetly?

Liz:  Some of our property, generally I put on which is a very powerful tool and as we all know, that’s where all the properties go and all the tenants know. We might have a owner who doesn’t want the neighbors to know what’s happening. So then I have a rental list of tenants who are currently looking for properties and I know what their requirements are. Now that list is very short-lived as we all know because a tenant can find a property usually within one to two weeks of them searching. So I will then use other mediums like I use Facebook, Facebook community pages as well. So I will do what the client needs and what can work for the client but if what they’re asking and we’re not achieving the result, well then we’ll have to have that conversation and see which other direction that we can go.

Wayne:  How can people get in touch with Liz  Malthouse of Beachside Property Rentals?

Liz:  They can contact me on, through my website or my mobile 0438 409 842 or they can shoot me an email at [email protected].

Wayne:  It’s been a pleasure having a chat with you today Liz, thank you for your time.

Liz:  Thanks Wayne, have a good day.


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