Neuro Flow: Bringing Wisdom and Commercial Intelligence to Improve Performance


Louise Taylor

Guest: Louise Taylor

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Overview: Louise Taylor, CEO of Unbridled Pty Ltd, talks about their services where they offer high performance and wellness programs together with their unique neuroscience coaching methodology called “Neuro Flow” to business owners as it helps them to work with their emotional and commercial performance.

Louise Taylor is a Neuro-Strategist, Author, Speaker, high performance coach, and sales expert. She is known for bringing wisdom and commercial intelligence to invoke change by helping people to connect with themselves and achieve a higher state of performance. This gives them a deeper sense of certainty, confidence and the capability to identify new opportunities for growth and rapidly push through barriers that hinder them.


Wayne Bucklar:  You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar and joining me today is Louise Taylor. Now Louise is the CEO of Unbridled Proprietary Limited and you might be wondering what it is that Unbridled does. Now that’s a good thing to wonder because it’s not the kind of company name that instantly tells you – if it was Fred’s Auto Repairs, you could guess – but Unbridled is one of those names that we have to ask. So Louise, welcome to the show and do tell us what is it that Unbridled does and who do you do it for?

Louise Taylor:  Thank you so much Wayne, great to be here today. What Unbridled does is we offer high performance and wellness programs . The reason for the name is all about being able to go after what you want no matter what. We work with all sorts of people, we work with passionate, frustrated high performers who may be either business owners or they possibly may be in a corporate role running a team, either an executive, or a sales, or marketing manager or it may be someone who’s looking to move from their role into a business. So we help them to create opportunities and rewire the way they think about everything, become re-energized and get a really clear focus on what they want to do next so that they can lift their commercial and emotional performance.

Wayne:  Now I was fascinated to read on your website that you do high-performance neuro programs and you just mentioned rewiring the way they think and I’m guessing the two are connected but what’s a neuro program?

Louise:  Yes, well the core of our business, our coaching side of the business is that we help people dive down into their subconscious behaviors and help them to recognize the seen and the unseen barriers that they have that are stopping them from moving forward more quickly.  We do that in a number of ways . Ive created a technique called “Neuro Flow” which is basically helps people to connect  into a higher state – being able to access that part of themselves that’s more creative.

People are  often self-aware and they recognize what’s holding them back but they don’t know how to move out of that place. So we help them switch emotionally and change the pathways  they have in their mind that are stopping them from moving forward. So it’s kind of working at an emotional, mental and commercial level so that they can move out of that place very rapidly and create new opportunities. We are very high engagement in the way that we work with people and getting them very much engaged with what the process is and helping them use a lot of different types of tools to shift.

Wayne:  So what are the examples of the kind of inhibitors that you come across?

Louise:  Well one of the biggest things is self-doubt. When people are moving towards doing something new, one of the things that happens is that they start to question themselves or feel a bit fearful because they’re uncertain about the future and the brain doesn’t like uncertainty, so that’s a common one. And usually, people are quiet self-aware and often very highly skilled at what they do are the ones that question themselves the most because they are so self-aware. So yes, it’s often fear or it’s just needing more confidence in a particular area and usually getting more information is one step towards making them feel more confident to move forward and so it’s looking at something strategically, financially, emotionally and practically. We take them through a process or a hierarchy of thinking that helps them make a decision faster and helps them to be more creative in how they look at an opportunity and finding new opportunities.

Wayne:  Right. And Louise, what’s your service delivery model? Is this one-on-one work or is this group work or is this online work? How do you deliver your services?

Louise:  A bit of both. So we have worked with companies like HCF and quite a lot of large corporates, a lot of small business or medium business owners. Two ways, one is that we go in and run a training program for a team or for the owner of the business and their teams where we will customize the program to suit their needs. So it might be we might go in for a half day a month over a period of six months or a year. We usually use a profiling tool to start with and profile a team and from there, we can identify training needs. Whether it’s a sale program that they want, sales mindset or it might be about energy or performance – we can offer group coaching and mentoring. We do some one-on-one, we work with a small number of one-on-one clients and we’ve also got a program that is what we call a public program where we invite people who are in business or maybe in corporate roles and they will come in together and work through just half a day and month.  They come on this program and we help them articulate their value and work out how to amplify their personal or business brand, or it may be that they just need to be better at building teams. So they get to mix with people from different industries and build great relationships.  We’ve got one of those coming up in August. So we tend to both talk to each individual, see what their need is and then tailor the correct program for them to where they’re at. With the medium-sized businesses often it’s about how are they going to develop their team to be able to do things as well as the owner can do in their business and how can they find the right people, recruit the right people, grow as a leader themselves and often it’s about work-life balance as well.

Wayne:  And Louise, are you geographically bound or do you work right across Australia or right across the world? What’s your footprint?

Louise:  Sure, we are based in Sydney however, we do go and run programs interstate. We have got some clients overseas as well. Most of the overseas work that we do is online, however I do go across for example to the States or over to Europe from time to time and do some speaking or some programs over there. So we’re not limited to being in Sydney. I love to travel and get over there and in front of different people and help them. So we’re quite flexible I suppose in what we do in terms of delivery and where it is.

Wayne:  Now if you had your magic glasses on and could look down through the computer to all our audience who are listening, what are the characteristics of your perfect client? Who is going to be sitting there and is the person that you would say, “You should really come and talk to me. I could do a lot for you.”

Louise:  Well it would be someone who knows that they have a good skill set or a good product or service. They’re frustrated with where they’re at and usually, frustration surfaces because  they’re ready for the next stage of their life or business. They’re normally caring, passionate people that care about community, they care about family, they’re usually givers, quite generous in nature, hard workers. And they’re people who are quite purpose driven so they know that there’s something more for them, maybe they want to be a speaker or they want to leave a legacy. They’re really quite hungry to grow. Then they’re the right clients for me and often it’s people in transition. They’re either wanting to create a succession plan out of their business or they’re wanting to move from a corporate role into a business so we help them identify and create those opportunities.

So yes age group wise, we work with a range of people. I have had a lot of clients around that 40 to nearly 50s age group but I also have a lot of younger clients who are up and coming and they’re looking for some wisdom on becoming entrepreneurial and not making the mistakes for themselves. So they recognize that someone with some corporate and business experience who can get into their head  is going to be helpful to help them move forward faster and be quite creative and entrepreneurial in how they do business.

Another typical client is a corporate who is looking for people in their team to take more ownership and have a more entrepreneurial mindset.  We like working with fun people, our programs are super high energy, very engaging, and dynamic, and fun and interesting. So we have fun, we get to know our clients, we love our clients. So yes, that’s probably the best description I would say.

Wayne:  Now I have a little note from my producer that you’re in the throes of rebranding?

Louise:  We are. So we’re moving into a brand which is “Louise Taylor Global” because I have been doing this for over 20 years now, so that tells you that I’m old. And so, I do license some of my programs, I’ve got a money mindset program and a “sales mindset program.” So the brand change is due to the fact that it’s sort of stretched out globally now.  We are working with our neuro flow technique©. So we’re just launching a new website now which is so people will be able to go in there and have a look around at the different programs. But yes, so it’s a bit of a shift  in the way we do business. Lots of work to be done behind the scenes but you’ve got to move with the times and recalibrate as I say. So we do that ourselves as well and we’ve also got wellness and wellness products and wellness programs that we’ve added to our range of services.

Wayne:  Well you see, I always think it old is just someone who’s 15 years older than me and young is someone is 15 years younger than me and I’m just perfect as I am.

Louise:  Well, I love that. I’ll take that on board as well.

Wayne:  Alright, add that to your license. Louise, there will be people today who when you are talking about your perfect client were sitting there going, “Wow, it sounds like she’s talking about me.” How can those people reach out to you?

Louise:  Sure. Well they can either go on our website which is the We’ve got some free tools on there that they can download as well so they want just to sort of check out a little bit about what we do. But they can also email us if they’d like to which is [email protected]om and we can just have a chat with them and see where they’re at and steer them in the right direction. So if we can help them with anything, we’d love to do that. I’m very passionate about helping people grow and achieve their goals so that’s been my life’s mission since I was three years old. And so we would love to speak to anyone and just get a feel for where they’re at and see how we can help them.

Wayne:  Louise, I appreciate your time today. Thank you for making yourself available to us.

Louise:  Thank you so much Wayne, I really appreciate the opportunity and have a beautiful day.

Wayne:  Well on my side of the world, it’s summertime so it’s nice and warm right now. Louise, thank you for being with us.

Louise:  Thank you so much Wayne, I appreciate your time.

Wayne:  If you just joined us, then you’ve just caught the tail end of my chat with Louise Taylor. And Louise Taylor is the CEO of Louise Taylor Global, it’s a new name and the new website is But the good news is on our website, we have a transcript so you can read the whole interview and if you’re someone who prefers to listen rather than read, we also have an audio archive of the interview and we have that on Soundcloud, iTunes and YouTube that you can download like a little mini podcast, you can download it and listen to it over and over again. And if you are listening to us on social media, please remember down the bottom of the page – the subscribes, the likes, the shares, the smiley faces, even the frowny faces, we’d love to know that you’re there and we love to know that you’re listening to us. If you’ve got questions for Louise or for us at the station, just pop them into the comment section on whatever social media channel you’re listening to, we’ll monitor them all and we’ll either pass them onto Louise or we’ll get back to you ourselves if it’s something for us. My name is Wayne Bucklar, you’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM.

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