Patty Kikos: Empowering People thru Spiritual and Emotional Healing



Guest: Patty Kikos

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Patty Kikos joins Business Radio Talkers.FM host Wayne Bucklar wherein she discusses the services she provides as a wedding celebrant, counselor conducting workshops and retreats, transformational counselling, kinesiology, healing and yoga sessions. She also discusses the process involved when she conducts spiritual sessions.

Bio: Patty Kikos is a workshop facilitator, retreat host, a powerful instigator of change, kinesiologist, energy healer, senior yoga teacher, reiki master and wedding celebrant. She was a former social worker but she finds herself that she loves yoga, meditation, chakras and all spiritual matters and these started her to pursue her passion because she knows that she’s always part of the spiritual realm. She have 20 years of experience as counsellor and more than a decade as wedding celebrant, reiki master, healer, kinesiologist and yoga teacher which she was the first Australian to launch an e-course back in 2012. She worked with hundreds of clients in any other industries which she gave her lecture internationally, taught at major festival as yoga teacher, solved and change other people’s lives.


She is famous for stimulating profound changes that can help a person to magnify their impact on the world through her gift of translating ancient wisdom into modern understanding. She can transform your energy (chakras) by balancing your glands and strengthening your nervous system so you can release your true potential without being provoked by stress.


Wayne Bucklar:  You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar and my guest today is Patty Kikos. Now Patty is the Founder of her own firm “Patty Kikos” and she’s here to tell us what it is she does. Now I’ve had a look at the website and I could cheat and sort of lead you in but given that it’s kind of a mysterious company name, it doesn’t give you any hint. So I’m going to let Patty explain. Patty share with us what it is Patty Kikos does for people and who you do it for?

Patty Kikos:  Well I do three things – I’m a retreat host, a workshop facilitator and I’m a wedding celebrant. So I do everything that I love for a living even though it sounds very cliche, it is actually very true for me.

Wayne:  Well the best way to live your working life I think is to do things that you really enjoy.

Patty:  I agree, I really do.

Wayne:  So Patty, just expand on those three for us.

Patty:  Sure. Wedding celebrant, so I officiate weddings, I legally marry couples that wish to make their union legal. In terms of me being a retreat host and a workshop facilitator, the other things that I do that add to that, I guess I should tell you a little bit about my background. I started my career as a social worker and a counselor and I slowly started to morph into a little bit more of a spiritual realm when I became a kinesiologist and a yoga teacher. So I combine a little bit of everything with the workshops that I host and the retreats that I run. And I also run one-on-one counseling and kinesiology sessions with people that wish to clear any blocks in their life that are getting in the way of living the life that they really love.

Wayne:  Now Patty, what led you from social worker which in my mind is kind of pretty stiff form on heart I guess into the the spiritual realm. How did that journey occur?

Patty:  I was always part of a spiritual realm. I always loved yoga and meditation, I was always interested in things like energy centers and chakras and to be honest, I felt a little bit confined within my role as a social worker, I did love it. In my 20s, I was very arrogant, I thought I could change the world, I thought I knew it all. So I’d go to bat for my clients in a very almost combative warrior sort of way. And as the years passed, I loved the social work role but I didn’t necessarily love working for charities or I didn’t necessarily love what charities paid or lack thereof. And I found that the clients that I was attracting were clients that were perpetually in a vicious cycle, they didn’t actually want to change, had inherited certain beliefs, and patterns and consciousness that weren’t necessarily empowering but we’re really happy to stay stuck and complain about their lives. And so because I was pursuing studies in energy healing and spiritual healing, learning about chakras, learning about yoga, I had a yearning to attract a different type of clientele someone that was happy to take responsibility for themselves, for their actions, someone that was happy to rewrite the story of their wounds, change their perception of their history, not necessarily allow certain plaguing thoughts to continue running their lives and that’s how I morphed into running my own business.

Wayne:  And if you were able to look down the internet and see the people who are listening to us now, what does your perfect client look like? Who are the people who you would go, “That’s someone who should reach out for me, that’s my perfect client?”

Patty:  That’s a great question. So my perfect client is someone that can be part of an array of industries ranging from an artist, an actor, a musician to a lawyer, a doctor, a mum. So the link that has them all connected, that they all have in common would be that they were very ready and very willing to take responsibility for the triggers that are impacting their life and they had a willingness and the readiness to change dynamics in their relationships whether that be their personal relationship with their partner, or a close friend or any disempowering relationships in the workplace so that they could change that dynamic and no longer be triggered or negatively impacted by that.

Wayne:  Now from their point of view now,  that’s how you identify them. What symptoms would they be feeling like if you were the doctor and they walked in, you say, “Doctor, I’ve got a pain in my neck or this arm was bent 90 degrees in the middle.” What are the kind of symptoms that your ideal clients are recognizing themselves that would lead them to say, “I need to reach out to Patty Kikos?”

Patty:  They wouldn’t necessarily just be limited to physical symptoms like my back is sore or I’ve got a busted arm. It would be more like emotional patterns in their life such as, “I feel very overwhelmed and disempowered in my relationship with my husband or I feel like every time I speak at work, I’m not heard or I find that I feel quite anxious because I don’t know how to set boundaries in my life.” Or it could even extend to, “I don’t seem to clear the blocks I have inherited in reference to money conditioning. There’s still a public consciousness that I inherited from my parents and even though consciously, I don’t necessarily resonate with those beliefs, I feel like there’s still some patterns that I have that I’d like help clearing with.”

Wayne:  Now I’m sure there’ll be a bunch of our listeners who if they reflect for a moment, they will be able to say, “Wow, they’re the things that I’m experiencing. They’re the ways I’m feeling.” How can they reach out to you?

Patty:  They can contact me via my website And I’ve got the same handle on my Instagram, my Twitter and my Facebook page.

Wayne:  So Patty, it’s easy enough to find you on social media and Googling I guess. You have one of those names that’s nicely unique. Patty Kikos and the website is Patty, I do appreciate you being with us today. Thank you for your time.

Patty:  Thank you for asking me some great questions, thank you.

Wayne:  If you just joined us on Business Radio Talkers.FM, then you’ve just missed my chat with Patty Kikos and the story of of going from I guess what I think is kind of a hard place as a social worker through now to a much more spiritual and in a much more giving place. But the good news is on our website, we have an archive of that, we have a transcript and you can read all about Patty or we also have the whole interview recorded and you can treat it like a little podcast and download it, it’s available on iTunes, SoundCloud and YouTube and you can find all those resources at Business Radio Talkers.FM, the website is And if you are listening to us on social media, please click all those buttons down the bottom – the like, the smiley face, the thumbs up, the share, the subscribe, it doesn’t matter what button really, we just like to know you’re listening. And if you’ve got questions either for Patty or for us at the station, just pop them into any of the social media comments and we’ll pick them up and either reply to you ourselves or we’ll pass them on to Patty for her to get in touch with you. It’s been a pleasure having you with us today on Business Radio Talkers.FM, my name is Wayne Bucklar.

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