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Guest:  Shannon Dolan

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Guest Bio: Shannon Dolan is the Director of Performance Power International. She specializes in personal and professional branding, professional impact and internal brand loyalty programs for global corporations, arts and education. She worked for 20 years at an elite level as a choreographer, director, dancer, actor and television presenter for companies such as The Australian Opera, 2oth Century Fox and Channel 10’s Good Morning Australia. Some of the talented artists that have been greatly influenced by Shannon include Academy Award winning actress Cate Blanchett (The Aviator) and comedienne Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect)

Segment Overview: In this segment, Shannon Dolan of Performance Power International  joins the program to talk about her company which focuses on professional as well as personal branding, professional impact and internal brand loyalty programs for global corporations, arts and education. All the training, coaching, facilitation and keynote speaking provided by Shannon is specifically tailored to suit one’s organization and its needs.


Wayne Bucklar:  You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar and as always we try and bring you chats with interesting and inspiring people. And today, we have with us Shannon Dolan, she’s a Director of Performance Power International. Shannon, welcome to the show.

Shannon Dolan:  Thank you very much Wayne and thank you for having me on the show.

Wayne:  It’s our pleasure. Now Shannon, sometimes I talk to people whose company name is  Fred’s Car Automotive or something and it gives me a really good idea of who and what they do. But Performance Power International doesn’t tell me exactly what you do. Can you fill me in?

Shannon:  I will fill you in. So Performance Power International is a boutique communications firm based here in Sydney, Australia. And I work globally with major firms with arts organizations, with education institutions and I specialize in personal and professional development. So in the areas of personal branding, executive presence and impact – I’m working as a coach, as a facilitator, as a trainer, as a speaker and really supporting people in having greater confidence in how they communicate, represent themselves and represent their own brands as well as the brand of the organization that they work for. So it’s ‘Performance and Power’.

Wayne:  So Shannon when you say boutique communications, just to avoid the confusion, a lot of people who are PR firms and advertising agencies describe themselves as communications firms, that’s not what you do?

Shannon:  No, it’s not what I do. It’s really in the area of development of executive presence, of leadership presence, of personal branding and that side of things and it’s about communicating, it’s about how you communicate with greater confidence, with greater clarity, with greater influence and so it’s always within that realm for me.

Wayne:  Now I noticed on your website, there are some famous names here that you’ve influenced too.

nnon:  I have. So my background initially was and that’s where the performance side of things comes from really. So my background was in the Performing Arts and to be honest, I fell into this corporate training side of things to be honest. So initially I’m a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Arts here in Australia and yes, I was a dancer, an actor and a choreographer and worked with some lovely people like Cate Blanchett and people I found along the way and now I share some of those skills with business people which really supports them in being more successful in what they do. So yes, it’s been a journey.

Wayne:  Now Shannon, how do you deliver this? Is this something you do as one-on-one sessions in an office like a therapist or is this something you do at conferences? How do you deliver your services?

Shannon:  Yes. Well I do both of those things so whether I’m coming in as a one-on-one coach which I do as an executive coach, whether I’m coming in as a facilitator and a trainer for group which I do or whether I’m actually coming in as a keynote speaker on this same topic for large seminars and conferences, it covers all of those. With the coaching and the training, it’s pillared to the individual and tailored to the organization to fit within their brand and within their needs. So for today, I was speaking to someone, they wanted me to come in, it’s a technical firm, they’re a technical person, they’ve stepped into a new role where they need to have greater impact and presence and a more positive mindset and so I’ll be going into to coach this woman to assume this role and step beyond her technical skills and be able to communicate at a higher level. So I’m often brought in that way as well.

Wayne:  You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar and I’m in conversation with Shannon Dolan. Shannon is the Director of Performance Power International and we’ve been chatting about the work that they do and the work that Shannon does with groups. And we’ve just been talking about some work that she’s been doing with a new manager and a new role. Shannon, who would you describe as your perfect customer like for people who are listening to a sort of thing here. I wonder if this suits me, what’s the kind of checklist that they need to tick off to be a customer of yours?

Shannon:  Yes. I think it does go across the board as far as industries go but I think there is the real area of need as I was mentioning where it is a technical person who is moving forward in their career or has been promoted or wants to move forward in their career and this aspect of being able to communicate, and influence, and negotiate, and connect and build rapport, these side of things perhaps or public speaking as well, are not coming as naturally to them. So what got them there, it’s not going to get them to the next level and they need to develop more of it as it’s called ‘Soft Skills’ in order to really move forward in their career. So quite often this is an area for me, whether it’s at an engineering firm, a legal firm, accounting firm, etc.

Wayne:  And Shannon, you mentioned you’re Sydney-based but your footprint for services pretty much worldwide I gather?

Shannon:  It is. I work globally and this year, I will be all over Asia. So that’s pretty exciting, I’ve got a lot of work for some finance clients this year all over Asia. So yes, moving around.

Wayne:  Well there’s nothing better than being in your own business and being busy when you’re in your own business.

Shannon:  It’s wonderful. Yes, it’s fantastic. I’m very grateful.

Wayne:  Now Shannon for people who want to get in touch with you, how’s the best way for them to do that?

Shannon:  Sure. I’d love to hear from them and it’s That’s my name there, that’s possibly the easiest way. You can just get on the website and drop me a line and I’d be more than happy to hear from them.

Wayne:  Shannon, it’s been a pleasure having you with us for a chat this morning. Thank you for your time.

Shannon:  Thank you very much.

Wayne:  If you just joined us on Business Radio Talkers.FM, you’ve just missed a fascinating conversation with Shannon Dolan from Performance Power. Shannon joined us to talk about work she does in coaching and training in conferences. And if you just joined us and missed that conversation, the good news is on our website, we have a transcript, we also have an audio archive on YouTube, SoundCloud and iTunes and you can find all that from My name is Wayne Bucklar, thanks for being with us.

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