The Philippines: #1 Knowledge Based Offshoring Destination

The Philippines: #1 Knowledge Based Offshoring Destination

Let’s discuss offshoring to the Philippines, the #1 knowledge-based offshoring destination in the world.


Did you know organisations like yours are saving around 70% through offshoring? Offshoring is now a mature strategy being embraced by your competitors, who are accessing talent to build lower cost, high performing teams that fuel their growth. The hard part is knowing where to start, and what is the best approach.


At optiBPO, we partner with you to plan, build and manage your offshore team in the Philippines. We work with you so you can start small, minimise risk and as your confidence grows, scale. We start with teams as small as 1-2.


Cost savings are only part of the story. Smart operators are supercharging their growth by leveraging offshore teams.


The optiBPO value map on your screen can help you think about your growth drivers, and how best an offshore team could support you. Opportunities exist for you to rapidly build teams that save cost, drive growth, and enable new services to be delivered.

Here are eight ideas for you:
  1. Boost lead generation through research, data mining, and follow up
  2. Transform sales processes by transitioning lower value activities
  3. Sharpen digital marketing through content and social media management
  4. Extend customer service through increased hours, and greater bandwidth
  5. Streamline purchasing and logistics through leveraging the lower cost base
  6. Lower transaction costs, by transitioning Payables and Receivables
  7. Gain additional business insights through enhanced Accounting & Finance
  8. Improve Technology Operations through increased support


We provide support in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Europe and North America. We also run regular 30-minute webinars that provide more information, and can be registered for on our website. Alternately, get in contact to discuss your requirements. Your team could be up and running in as little as 8 weeks.



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