Sunshine Coast Property Maintenance and Repairs

Sunshine Coast Property Maintenance and Repairs

Returning guest mobile property agent Liz Malthouse discusses how important it is to have trusted and reliable tradesmen that can assist with the maintenance and repair of rental properties like that of dripping taps, hot water services or corroding metal ceiling fans to maintain client and tenant satisfaction.

While traditional real estate agencies conduct business in their offices, Beachside Property Rentals have chosen to be a mobile rental property agency servicing the areas of Noosa Heads, Mount Coolum and Peregian Beach because they recognize that the marketplace is really enjoying the concept of property managers going to see their tenants and owners, offering a more personalized more one-on-one communication rather than just trying to fit people into a timetable that the general property manager is trying to squeeze their workflow between the hours of 9:00 to 5:00.

Liz Malthouse believes in transparency and while other property managers tend to communicate with their clients and tenants over the phone or through emails, Liz enjoys meeting with owners, prospective clients and tenants face to face over coffee to be able to answer their questions and getting them to feel comfortable with the property that they’ve selected and that they feel confidence in the real estate agents that they’re actually going to be they will answer their call, they will attend to any maintenance that pop up rather than it falling on deaf ears.

Wayne Bucklar: Joining me today is Liz Malthouse of Beachside Property Rentals. Liz, welcome to the program.

Liz Malthouse: Thanks Wayne.

Wayne:  Liz, you’re a mobile property agent. What does that mean? Explain that to us.

Liz: We wanted to do when we created something different with Beachside Property Rentals, from what other agents were doing and typically in the old school of real estate, there is a shop front and the property managers are generally in the back of the office. So what we wanted to do was get out and meet the people, greet the people and build a relationship between our tenants, our contractors as well together with our owners to actually have a more connected relationship, rather than being very disjointed, or disconnected. So what we decided to do is be mobile, be accessible. Our tenants love it, even I’ve just been talking to a lady on the phone a minute ago about wanting to have a look at our rental property and she said “Where have you been?” But it’s interesting, the marketplace is really enjoying the concept of we go to their tenants and we go to the owners and we’re more personalized so it’s more one-on-one communication rather than just trying to fit people into a timetable that the general property manager is trying to squeeze their work flow between the hours of 9:00 to 5:00.

Wayne: So you’re spending a lot of time in your cars zipping around the real estate properties that you manage at Peregian Beach and Sunshine Beach and I guess all around that Sunshine Coast area.

Liz: Yeah, that’s true. So if you see me, give me a wave in my car. And I pop in to see my tenants for their routine inspections which I did yesterday. If a property is available for rent and we’re signing someone up for a lease, I actually meet them at a local coffee shop so I don’t go to the same coffee shops all the time. And then we sit down and go through the lease together so it’s more an intimate relationship and it’s getting the tenants to feel comfortable with the property that they’ve selected that they would like to live and that they feel confidence in the real estate agents that they’re actually going to be they will answer their call, they will attend to any maintenance that pop up rather than it falls on deaf ears and a lot of agencies because they’re trying to get through the receptionist to actually get through to the property manager and usually there’s a bit of a stopgap there. What I’m finding a lot of people are really embracing it, my owners are loving it being more accessible to the community and to community being my owners, community being all my tradies and my tenants they have the confidence that they can get hold of me even if it is outside of working hours.

Wayne: Now speaking of tradies, one of the things I want to talk to you about today was I guess one of the things that owners are concerned about when they’re renting a property, be it in the Noosa area or anywhere, what are the maintenance issues that you find come up commonly?

Liz: Well it can vary to different properties. Hot water services can blow up which is never a nice thing to let an owner know. We have a lot of ceiling fans in the on the Sunshine Coast real-estate market, our homes have a lot of ceiling fans, a lot of the metal ceiling fans corrode because of the moisture that ends on their blades and over time, they need to be replaced. It can be just little things, a dripping tap so little washers, any appliances that the owners having the property, a dishwasher or an oven and something can go on that so it’s important that you have good quality tradies could that actually support you when you need them.

Wayne: And I assume you have a network of those from the length of time you’ve been doing the property management on the Sunshine Coast.

Liz: Absolutely Wayne. And I’ve weeded all those ones that I don’t want to deal with out of the way. So my tradies I definitely trust 120 percent. I don’t abuse my tradies by ringing them up for trivial little things. When I need them, they know that they will attend to what we need and they’re really trustworthy and they’re just fabulous.

Wayne:  Liz, if I owned a property and I’m thinking about renting for the first time, what do you think of the things that would give me confidence in a property manager? What do you do to instill confidence in your potential owners and owners?

Liz: Yeah, that’s a really interesting question because a lot of people tend to go for a brand and yes, a brand can be good but open the door and see who’s working in that brand. A lot of property managers tend to only stay in their role for a couple of years and tend to burn out. So just because you’re working for a particular brand, you can still get a rotation of property managers through who are managing your property which you can actually lose the history of a property with you property manager. So I would actually open up the doors and actually speak to the property manager that will be looking after your property and have a list of questions and ask them how long they’ve been there for, where was their last position, how long were they at their last position for, why did they leave, how much experience have they had, how many rental properties do they manage. Because all those bits and pieces definitely add up, you can have a great property parent manager that might be managing a hundred and fifty to two hundred rental properties and you’re not going to get the attention to detail that your would if you’re working with someone like Beachside.

Wayne: And I guess in those bigger agencies, it’s not at all uncommon to have both turnover of property managers and managing a couple hundred properties.

Liz: And you have to ask why did they leave, an interesting question.

Wayne: Yeah, I know that talking with real estate agents generally, getting and keeping property managers seems to be a bit of a battle.

Liz: Yeah, look I personally think in the industry that property managers do their best of what they can do but I believe that they’ve got too much on their plate and they’re overrun by work and half of them don’t have lunch breaks and I feel as if the industry is or the principals are just worried about the income, the money so stack them up, stack them up and they burn out. And if something does come up, they don’t like that conflict or that discussion to have with the tenant or the discussion to have with the owner if there’s a problem. So a lot of people tend to hide, they hide behind the computer, they hide behind an email rather than picking up the phone and actually having a conversation with your owner whether it be something that you know they’re not going to be happy with but at the end of the day, we’re a communicator and if we communicate effectively with our owners, we’ll get a better result.

Wayne: Now Liz, there will be people listening to us who are property owners, either with another agency or looking to rent for the first time, how can they reach out to you?

Liz: You can just pick up the phone and give me a call on 0438 409 842 or if you prefer to email, [email protected] or google me at and look at our website. Even after hours, I’m happy to take calls after hours.

Wayne: There you go, you can talk to Liz at all hours personally and she can tell you the message about Beachside Property Rentals herself. Liz, it’s been a pleasure having you with us thanks for joining us today.

Liz: Have a good day.

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