Why Standard Operating Procedure is a Must in Scaling a Business?

In running a business, there are times when the ‘urgent’ overwhelms the ‘important.’ Standard Operating Procedures make good business sense, but a critical pre-requisite and enabler for offshore success. Using today’s technology to assist in measuring business growth, business owners have higher chances of scaling.

optidocs helps clients rapidly and cost-effectively build standard operating procedures. This is achieved through a combination of processes, identify what needs to go into this documentation as well as automation tools that help capture what you input on-screen, they have a documentation team sitting onshore that helps them screenshot, narrate and annotate these documents for customers.


Transcript of the interview:

Wayne Bucklar: Why is having standard operating procedures important?

Jamie McBrien: I think we all know that good, well defined processes and documentation is extremely important for a successful business. However, when we are growing, this sometimes is not the highest priority.  When we are small and growing, processes are often person-dependent, and that’s fantastic and that’s why entrepreneurs are successful. But as the business starts to grow, add people, add systems, add complexity and spread responsibility, it becomes important to think about ‘How do we want to do these activities?’ Otherwise, we’re going to be reliant on people and not process, which really impacts when we lose a person and have to replace them.

Wayne: What is the importance of having quality and standard operating procedures?

Jamie: Yes. That’s the other thing that’s really important, it needs to be better than what we do now.  Building SOPs provides the opportunity to think about ‘How do we want to do these things?’. That can change over time so it’s important that they’re not just a static document, that sits on file share on the intranet, but that they are living documents that evolve with time. They should provide us the baseline for continuous improvement.

Wayne: Why do some businesses lack standard operating procedures?

Jamie: I can imagine no one likes writing them. Give someone the task of writing a procedure, and I can almost guarantee that when you come back a week later they will still be struggling with the headings. Each day you come to work and have tasks coming at you from a variety of different places, you have customers calling, and you might have suppliers they need to deal with.  As a result, the day-to-day tasks get in the way of completing what is important, rather than urgent.

Wayne: How do business owners solve the problem of not having standard operating procedures in place?

Jamie: Working with us!  A client said to me yesterday that getting us in was about getting a shot of adrenaline into the business.  He said, “these items had been on the to-do list for 1-2 years, and in a short space of time they were resolved.” External expertise also allows you to consider how can you improve your processes.

Wayne:  Is having SOPs relevant in business process outsourcing?

Jamie: Yes. It’s a critical enabler and prerequisite to have in place well-defined processes and procedures to be successful at offshoring. Otherwise, you’re going to struggle with things like knowledge transfer and training, particularly with a team that is remote from you.  However, there is no need to delay your offshoring initiative, as these are items that we can help rapidly resolve.

Wayne: Do SOPs help businesses scale?

Jamie: SOPs are critical for scaling.  As a business grows, responsibility and accountability are spread, and more people are involved.  The only way to ensure control is maintained is to have a well-defined way of doing things. Many businesses start to fall over at the 50 to 100 person mark, as they have not bothered to define processes.

Wayne: How can interested parties get in touch with optiBPO and optidocs?

Jamie:  Take a look at our website and our specialist SOP site  Alternately, contact me directly, and I would happily discuss your requirements, and how we have helped other businesses like yours.

Wayne: Jamie, it’s been a pleasure having you with us thank you for your time today.

Jamie: Yes. Thank you, Wayne.

Visit or to find out more about how they can help you save time in accomplishing day-to-day tasks and help you focus more in growing your business. You can also get in touch with their team at [email protected].

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