Time Stylers: Time is Your Golden Investment



Guest: Kate Christie

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Kate Christie, Founder and CEO of Time Stylers joins Business Radio Talkers.FM to talk about the importance of time management. She mainly works with high-performing individuals, small business owners, local government and big corporate organizations. Kate has the unique ability to help people gain clarity over their priorities in order to maximize their productivity. She doesn’t follow a cookie cutter pattern. She creates the right solutions tailored for a individual’s or a team’s specific needs.

Bio: Kate Christie is Founder and CEO of Time Stylers. She is a time Management expert, international speaker and the best selling author of two books entitled ‘’Me Time’’ and ‘’SMART Time Management for Doctors’.

She is also a business coach who consults with big and small business, government departments and C suite executives on individual, team and organisational productivity. Kate has a reputation for helping her clients find 30 hours of lost time a month. As a Keynote Speaker, her focus is to ensure that her audience are left with a lasting impact on the way they choose to live, work and play as a result of what they have learned.


Wayne Bucklar:  You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar and my guest today is Kate Christie. Now Kate is the CEO and Founder of Time Stylers and she’s a professional trainer, speaker and coach and she’s here to talk to us about what it is she does. Kate, welcome to the show.

Kate Christie:  Thank you very much for having me.

Wayne:  It’s our pleasure. Now Kate, Time Stylers is one of those business names that doesn’t immediately tell you what it is that you do. If it was called “Bob’s Real Estate,” I’d have a really good idea of how you spend your time but given that it’s called “Time Stylers,” fill us in, what is it that you do?

Kate:  Sure. So we work with high-performing individuals, small business owners, local government, big corporate to help the individuals and teams within those organizations maximize the use of their time. So we identify productivity issues that they may have and we basically track and monitor how they’re spending their time so that they can use their time much more efficiently.

Wayne:  Now I noticed you call it “Time Stylers” as not time management. What’s the difference? What do you see as how it relates to time management as we have been taught in our MBAs for the last 30 years?

Kate:  Well look, I mean Time Stylers is the brand name obviously and that’s around the concept of styling your time to suit yourself. When it comes to time management, I’m really very firmly on the belief that we shouldn’t be managing our time. We really need to start investing our time. So it really should be about time investment, we need to invest our time the way we invest our money for the greatest possible return.

Wayne:  Now that’s an interesting concept. I love it when I hear different ways of thinking about things and I noticed on your website, you say that you’re the author and champion for SMART Time Investment. Why SMART Time Investment?

Kate:  It’s SMART Time Investment because “SMART” is a framework that I developed a number of years ago. It’s a five-step framework, I stepped my clients through that helps them identify what their key time challenges are, where they’d rather be spending their time. We mapped their time to find out exactly where their time goes and then we help them reframe and make different decisions about where they’re going to invest their time and a lot of that has to do with the fact that we really are creatures of habit and that each and every day, you tend to do things in the same way as you did them yesterday and the day before that. And so it’s about I guess making the time and having the headspace to really say, “Look, is this the best way? Is this the best use of my time? What are my habits currently costing me?” And then going through a process of then saying, “Okay, these are the things I’m going to now do differently.”

Wayne:  That’s a very interesting way to look at it. I have always bridled a bit at the idea of time-saving because it seems to me that you can’t save it, you can’t spend it, you can’t do much with it, it just progresses and it’s only since I’ve turned 60 that the realizations hit me that I don’t have endless time that there is an end to this adventure called life and that all of a sudden, the leverage and the result I can get out of time becomes important to me because it’s scarce. So it’s interesting that you talk about it as an investment.

Kate:   Absolutely. It is scarce and time is the one asset that we all have exactly the same amount of and that no one can buy any more of. So the earlier in your career, or in your business and your life that you learn to really harness it and invest it, the better off you’re obviously going to be. And certainly in terms of the small business clients I work with and the professionals I work with, because they’re all high-performing individuals – I’m very firmly at the belief that they’re already very awesome in terms of what they’re doing in their life but as soon as they gain absolute control of their time, they become unstoppable and it’s really critical to think of this as an asset that needs to be invested for its greatest possible return. Just the way you would with your money, you’ve got 10,000 and you’ve got the option of investing in a bank that’s going to give you 5% interest or in a bank that’s going to give you 10% interest. Of course you’re going to go after the 10% and you need to think about your time in exactly the same way.

Wayne:  Now Kate, are you constrained on your geography with your service delivery or do you work online and worldwide? How does that work?

Kate:  No, it’s definitely a global service. I decided very early on that regardless of where I was located, most of my work was going to be done online. So even if I have clients within a 10 kilometer radius of me, we still do our work with them online because firstly, it’s a much better use of my time. It means that I’m not losing hours of time in the commute, it’s also a much better use of their time. So technology has enabled us to do a phenomenal amount and it’s certainly an enormous time-saving device to be working with your clients online. So I embrace the really great parts of technology as much as I possibly can and I think that the flip side of that is that we live in the age of information which means we also live in the age of being constantly accessible and constantly available. So there’s a fine line when it comes to managing your devices but certainly, working online and being available globally is one of the better uses of technology for sure.

Wayne:  Now Kate there will be people out there listening to us now who have some resonance with what you’re saying, what are the symptoms that they would be feeling? I guess if you are the doctor, what would they have as symptoms that would lead them to say, “Oh that’s the doctor I need.” So what are those people experience that should lead them to get in touch with you?

Kate:  Look, I love that you say that in terms of symptoms because it’s something I talk about a lot when I do my talks. I talk about the fact that there is a diagnosis but there’s any number of symptoms around this and it’ll be things like feelings of working at pace, constantly rushing from one thing to the next, feeling that you have to try and juggle as many things as possible, a sense that you never quite have enough time to do everything that you want to do, that you’re not putting your own wants in the equation at all so you’re not actually getting to anything that you want to do for yourself, being constantly interrupted, being constantly available. You know, those sorts of feelings – feeling very overwhelmed, busy, stressed, they’re all symptoms of the fact that you need to consider how you’re currently investing your time. And really bottom line, I’ve been doing this for a long time and when people come to move those symptoms, they’re very common symptoms. But the diagnosis that have really comes down to three things firstly, they just simply don’t have enough time. Secondly, that they are not controlling the time that they have and thirdly, that they’re not focusing on the right things at the right time. And they’re the three things we did in aim to work on and fix through that five step process.

Wayne:  So for those listeners who are listening today to Kate Christie of Time Stylers, if you’re feeling some of those symptoms, undoubtedly you’ll be keen to reach out. Kate, how can people do that? How can people reach out to you?

Kate:  So they can find out about us and more about the business at They can also connect with me on LinkedIn at Kate Christie. We’re on Facebook of course and otherwise, they can reach out to us at [email protected]. We do a lot of work with individuals, with groups, with high-performing teams and I also do a lot of speaking engagements for companies or at events.

Wayne:  So if you’re frantically reaching for your pencil, let me give you that URL again. It’s and there, you can make contact with Kate. Kate, thanks for being with us today. I realize you’re busy and managing time as I’m sure you do, making some time for us is something I appreciate.

Kate:  No, it was an absolute pleasure talking to you. Thank you too for making the time with me.

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