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Time Technology: Controlling Time Productively


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Guest: Anthony McDonald

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Guest Bio:  Anthony McDonald established Time Technology in Australia in 2014, with the company’s head office in Brisbane. As Business Development Director, he is responsible for the strategic development of the business. His role includes creating a strong sales pipeline, developing a rigorous client database, and effective client communications. Anthony has a diverse background which includes graduating with a Diploma of Fitness/Recreation. In 2000, he embarked on a 10 year management career with the Australian Football League (AFL). His ability in coaching, high level communication, marketing, sponsorship, program development and implementation are highly valued by Time Technology clients and team. Whilst Anthony’s transition to Time Technology may have seemed an unlikely career move, the experience Anthony gained in his ten-year management career with AFL Qld has been highly transferable. The skills he brought to his current role include building relationships, identifying challenges and having a solution focused and adaptable mindset. Anthony is able to empathise with his current clients in organisations where limited resources and budgets make achieving maximum use of time and money key to success. He is a highly skilled and engaging facilitator with passion. He has the flexibility to deliver the TimeSmart programs to a diverse range of participants across all business and industry sectors throughout Australia. Anthony has also demonstrated his ability to adapt internationally delivering TimeSmart presentations in Asia and Turkey.

Segment Overview: In this segment, Time Technology’s Business Development Director Anthony McDonald joins Talkers.FM to discuss his business and the various programs he offers. He clarifies that his business is not about time travel or creating time machines. Rather, he states that: “the way we help our clients, is to change the way that they work, from being very active and feeling that they can work 24/7, and not get everything done, and helping them to understand that the traditional time management practices of blocking out particular hours in your day for certain activities isn’t necessarily the best way to go about it in today’s environment, because the world of work has completely changed and things had become so dynamic and our priorities are constantly changing.”


Wayne Bucklar:  You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar. And today, I’m joined in conversation by Anthony McDonald. Now, Anthony is Director of Time Technology and their website is and I think they might make time machines for “Doctor Who” but I’m not sure. Let’s ask Anthony. Anthony, welcome to the show.

Anthony McDonald:  My pleasure Wayne. Thanks for having me.

Wayne:  Now, since I think you did Doctor Who time machines, you better correct me. Tell us what it is you do and who you do it for.

Anthony:  We’re not quite in the space of time travel as yet but certainly, timing is the relevant factor here. And really, what we do is we’re now in a world where everyone’s time poor and super busy and just being able to manage time as a resource, encase the focus of their relationship with time in terms of how we get a best possible return of investment of time, and focus our time, our investment of time into the most consistent and most valuable area to get the best possible results and outcomes. Essentially at Time Technology is what we help our clients, is to change the way that they work from being very active and feeling that they can work 24/7, and not get everything done and helping them to understand the traditional time management practices of blocking out particular hours in your day for certain activities isn’t necessarily the best way to go about it, in today’s environment because the world of work has completely changed and things had become so dynamic and our priorities are constantly changing. We have so much information in such high volumes at such high speeds from so many different sources now, that it’s become really difficult to keep track up. So we help people apply more traditional productivity and time management processes into the technology that they use every day, just to help them get a better visibility of work and a more consistent focus in the most important areas to help them get the best results and outcomes and therefore, the best return of investment from their time.

Wayne:  It’s certainly true that with the mobile phone and laptop these days, there is no such thing as being off work if you’re the business owner, at least or a senior manager. It just is constant that the phone and laptop feed stuffs to you.

Anthony:  That’s exactly right and we’ve become so reactionary and so in tuned to that, that actually be focusing away from those areas and being able to spend and invest your time in what we turn areas, they’re the high or long term value because quite often, we get caught up in the reaction of when the emails are coming in and when the message is happening and feeling that everything is needed as soon as possible, and that perception of urgency and get away from that. Actually instead of being driven by an urgency, actually be driven by importance and then focus your time into those more important things.

Wayne:  I guess, I don’t know if I’m like everyone else or not, but for me, one of my great revelations of getting older was the notion that things that I didn’t do very well and that I struggled with felt like hard work. And when you got one of those that it felt very satisfying and I struggled with this problem for days and finally got it out and yet, I figured out that I was really good at a whole bunch of other stuff that didn’t feel like work, but I didn’t do much of that because it didn’t feel like work. I did all the stuff that I was awful at. And it finally occurred to me one day, what I just did the stuff I’m good at and let someone else do the stuff that I’m awful at and that’ll be a lot easier.

Anthony:  That’s exactly what we’re talking about here is that really, identifying whether your role within your business or whether it’s your management role or where you sit within the organisation is – what is the value that you add in your role. And identify that value that you deliver and invest your time more consistently into the activities that delivered that value and let go of the areas that don’t deliver that value and will be able to be more effective in how you delegate and collaborate to share that work, so that you can actually focus and invest your time into those important areas. It’s highly practical that quite often, we’re now in a scenario where we’re into that totally reactive space and you really need to be able to improve your visibility of your workflow and be flexible and dynamic on how to deal with those, because we’re now interrupted every 2 to 3 minutes in the modern workplace and the recovery time can be up to 11 to 22 minutes and that’s one of the key areas. And that’s where flexibility of work and the usability of technology and being able to integrate where your email is able to be integrated within your task flow and combined with your calendar, so that you’re now having a centralized place where you can clearly see all of your work and be able to adjust quickly when things happen, get a true sense of what you’re completing and then being able to use that visibility of work to switch off from work when you go home and not take it with you and be able to invest the time with your friends and your family, because one of the key things here is we quite often don’t have the same relationship with time as we do if you think of businesses and organizations in regards to money. They’re very careful and always specifically monitoring in terms of where the return of investment of their money is, but do we have that same relationship with time? We see that more as an infinite resource. It just tends to take over but it’s not the case. We need to actually give that the same value with reward of money and actually make sure that we’re getting that return of investment exactly like we do with money. So that’s one of the key areas that we focus with our clients.

Wayne:  You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar and I’m in conversation with Anthony McDonald. Now Anthony is the Director at Time Technology and we’ve been talking about the work they do. I guess to get their clients to make better use of their time might be the way to put it. Anthony, how do you deliver your services? Is it a training cost based program or how do you deliver what you do?

Anthony:  We deliver what we call our self-paced program which is called “Timesmart” across a number of different methods. But we run monthly public workshops that individuals can come along to. So the scenario might be there, an individual business owner, a company that’s looking to see the results of the program before committing 20 larger investments in terms of what they’re looking to do within their organization. They can send an individual or two or three people along to that public workshop to get an idea of exactly how the results run and the value that’s produced. Then we do in-house workshops for up to ten people. And beyond that, we also do senior executive coaching on a one-on-one basis and also, certification programs for larger clients that would look to roll a program such as Timesmart out across their business, where we actually train up the facilitators within their organization and it’s based on a lot of certification so they then get the ownership of the intellectual property and the branding and be able to hone that at the company and roll it out themselves. So there, that’s the four main ways we do it. In terms of how the workshops run, it’s very interactive. So it’s facilitator-led and people are using their own technology within the workshop. It’s based upon understanding the challenges a bit too much work, not enough time and having too many tools in portability of work. But then, we’re linking into our processes around improving prioritization, planning and effective communication and then making some setup changes to the technology in it. And one of the key technologies that we work into these people is a technology that people use everyday, the Microsoft Outlook. Well it’s heavily under utilized that most people only use 20 or 30% of it, living their inbox use, the calendar fairly well. We have to make a number of different setup changes to bring the Timesmart processes and the tool of the technology of Outlook together and actually change how they use that quite significantly. Then the remainder of the workshop is actually showing and how to go about that and then giving them a platform and a goal set in which to implement that and then we support that. We follow up coaching and also our phone support. So that’s a bit of an idea of how it works. So it’s a very interactive and practical workshop that we roll.

Wayne:  It sounds like the sort of program that’s going to suit quite a broad range of our audiences from small businesses right through to enterprise level. For any of those who have been listening to you today and have gone here and who have been interested in that, how do they reach out to you Anthony?

Anthony:  Absolutely and that’s one of the keys. Look, everyone will understand and acknowledge if you’re sitting here and you’ve been thinking that, “Yes. I’ll take my work home with me. Yes. I struggle to get a true sense of what I’ve completed or struggled to get away from being reactive and be more planned and all of those things.” And when we do our presentations, people will sit there and nod their head and make and link in to what we’re talking about very clearly. But in terms of being able to get in touch with us, you can get in touch with myself or my business partner Christine Peterson on LinkedIn. And then also, there’s via our website, There will be a number of links in there to our public workshop and you’re able to send us an email through our team’s email address which is on that website and we’ll definitely come back to you on follow up and have a chat.

Wayne:  Anthony, it’s been great having a chat with you today too. I appreciate you’re making yourself available for us.

Anthony:  My pleasure. It’s been good fun.

Wayne:  Now, if you just joined us on Business Radio Talkers.FM, the bad news is you’ve just missed an interesting chat I’ve been having with Anthony McDonald. Anthony is the Director of Time Technology and you’ve missed it. But you haven’t missed it entirely because on our website, we have a transcript if you’re one of those people who likes to read or if you prefer to listen, we have the full audio archive of our interview on YouTube, SoundCloud and iTunes and you can access all of that through our station website at Talkers.FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar, you’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM.

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