The Online Store for Tradespeople – Total Tools


Guest: Kayla Ensminger

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Segment Overview: Total Tools, as described in this interview, is a toy store for tradespeople. They supply all the best brands for tradespeople and DIY handymen at competitive prices with exceptional customer service.


Wayne Bucklar:  You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar and today I’m join in conversation by Kayla Ensminger. Kayla is from the Sunshine Coast I think but she can tell us exactly what she does she’s the Managing Director of Total Tools. Kayla, welcome to the program.


Kayla Ensminger:  Thank you.

Wayne:  I could have a good guess of what Total Tools does because I’m a bit of a backyard hero in my own lifetime. You tell us what it is Total Tools do?

Kayla:  So Total Tools is a franchise and while our franchise is based out of Noosaville over on the Sunshine Coast but there are 64 other stores Australia-wide. We are just a power tool specialist and  we just do a lot of tools selling.

Wayne:  This is all the good gear in tradesmen’s power tools and brands like the Walton Diablo and Gramaland. These are the names that every trades person goes, ‘Oh, I want one of them in my toolbox’.

Kayla:  Oh yes, absolutely. We’ve got Makita, Milwaukee, DEWALT, Hitachi, we got Festool which is very specialized carpentry tools and Bosch, yes we’ve got all the big name brands here.

Wayne:  It’s like a toy store for tradespeople I describe it. The place you go when you need some retail therapy.

Kayla:  That’s exactly right.

Wayne:  Now Kayla, you mentioned some franchise operation, is this a store arrangement where people come into the store to buy things or do you also work online or do you also work mobile?

Kayla:  We do have a store online, so it’s just So anyone from anywhere across Australia can go online and they can order, they can either get it their product shipped to them directly or they can go into the store that is nearest to them and pick up their products.

Wayne:  What about stock Kayla? Most things normally in stock?

Kayla:  Most things yes, are normally in stock. If they are not, we do typically contact the customer directly asking them what they’d like to do, we can order it especially for them or we can always try and get it from my other store, whatever is easiest for the customer.

Wayne:  I see. It’s just as I said, it’s like a toy store I get excited about it everytime I get visiting what are your stores. Now, for those people who are not tradesmen, can they also shop with you?

Kayla:  Absolutely. We’ve have a huge range, we’ve got pressure washers, we’ve got generators, we’ve got hand tools, we’ve got any tool for a typical DIY tradesperson. Anyone in the industry can come in and have a look I mean even if it’s the ladies out there, it doesn’t matter. If you’re interested in tools, Total Tools is the store to go to.

Wayne:  Now I’ve just been looking on your website while you’ve been chatting and I noticed this ‘Prices We Swear By, ‘A 30 Day Online Return Policy’ and ‘Free Delivery’.

Kayla:  Yes that is correct. So on the majority of our products, it is free shipping. However, if you kind of get into the bigger products that are a lot heavier, there is a disclosure statement online that does say that there might be shipping but majority of products definitely have free shipping.

Wayne:  It’s an excellent service. Kayla, who makes your ideal customers, is it tradespeople doing big jobs? Are they the people that you do most business with?

Kayla:  Yes, definitely the tradesman, you know big or small projects it doesn’t matter. We have a few national accounts with Hutchinson’s Builders and such like that but yes, our typical dream customer is a trader who wants to come in and grab himself a new power tool combo kit or I don’t know, the generator or something.

Wayne:  Yes. And I guess it doesn’t matter whether they’re a bricklayer or a builder or a tailor, there’s something there for everyone pretty much.

Kayla:  That’s exactly right. We have a whole concreting section for all the wet tradesmen out there, we have a plumbing section, so the the varieties all there. It doesn’t matter what trades you are, we definitely have something for them.

Wayne:  Now from my wandering around maybe a couple of years ago now, I was impressed with the number of air tools you stocked. So it seemed to me that you had compressors and all of the accessories and then all of the tools that go on the end of the compressor as well.

Kayla:  Absolutely. We’ve got a range of air compressors and the majority of our stores are our home brand which is what you would see iron air or saber, so that’s our home brand that total tools has behind our name. But you know, we do have other other brands such as air co, but yes we’ve got spray guns, we’ve got hoses fittings, all the above that yes connects to a command air compressor.

Wayne:  All of those things that the do-it-yourself handyman always think, ‘One day, I’m going to buy one of those. One day, I’m going to buy one of those’.

Kayla:  Definitely.

Wayne:  Kayla, it’s been lovely having a chat with you. I do appreciate you making yourself available to us today. I’m fascinated that when I got to talk to you as a Managing Director, I really expected a big burly bloke to me behind on the other end of the phone, how do you find it being a woman working what is I guess predominantly a male trade?

Kayla:  Look, I don’t mind it one bit. When I originally moved here to Australia six years ago, my first job was on a fly-in fly-out roster. So I’m used to being in a man’s world and tools are part of it and it’s fine. It’s just great.

Wayne:  And you’re also in a lovely part of the world there I have to say.

Kayla:  Definitely. It is a dream. So when opening this franchise, our goal was to be on the Sunshine Coast and we’re very lucky to be able to have a store here.

Wayne:  And you said Noosaville?

Kayla:  That is correct. Yes, Noosaville.

Wayne:  So you’re really easy to get to from either the kind of North up that way as well as from the demo Southern Highway.

Kayla:  Yes, absolutely. Sunshine Coast Motorway or Bruce Highway, 10 minutes either way depending on which way you’re coming from.

Wayne:  And if you’ve got to get by until somewhere, Noosaville is not a bad place to go.

Kayla:  Absolutely not. Come and grab yourself some tools and then just head to the beach on your way out.

Wayne:  Kayla, how do people get in touch with you if we speak they’re interested?

Kayla:  Oh well, you can find us on the Total Tools website, there is a store locations tab on the websites. Otherwise, our phone number here is (07) 5350 2333 and our address is 139 Eumundi Noosa Road in Noosaville.

Wayne:  Kayla, thanks very much for joining us today. It’s Kayla Ensminger, Managing Director of Total Tools. Thanks for being with us.

Kayla:  Thank you very much too.

Wayne:  If you’ve just missed my conversation with Kayla the Managing Director of Total Tools, the good news is on our website, we’ve got a transcript, we also have an audio archive on SoundCloud, YouTube and iTunes. We can listen of the whole interview all over again. You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. This is Wayne Bucklar.

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