Recognise the True Measures of Success with Craig and Jenny Dumnich

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Guest: Craig and Jenny D

Presenter: Bronwyn Williams

Overview: We all deserve to live an extraordinary life. Craig and Jenny are devoted to help individuals break out of their current mode to find their ultimate vitality, wealth and freedom. They discuss the concept of improving one’s entire success matrix to achieve optimal results by evaluating eight areas in life: business, family, friends, health, nutrition, fitness, finances, and self-care.  

Craig and Jenny are both internationally recognized transformation experts, who guide highly successful entrepreneurs, executives and companies from around the globe to finally earn their true worth with less stress, more free time, and better health by aligning their personal and professional goals. Through their personalized coaching, wellness consulting, corporate development and event training workshops, they take lives to a new level of accomplishment and fulfillment. Their footprint expands globally across four continents and 11 countries.

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Bronwyn Williams: Well hello everybody this is Bron Williams here, I’m coming to you from Business Radio And today, I am talking to Craig and Jenny Dumnich. Craig and Jenny are the designers and developers of the unique success matrix which is to help individuals break out of their current mode to find ultimate vitality, wealth and freedom. So welcome Craig and Jenny.

Jenny Dumnich: Thanks Bron.

Craig Dumnich: Thank you very much, I appreciate.

Jenny: It’s wonderful to be here with you.

Bron: And what I love about this is that we’re across the world. I’m in Australia and you are in the US. Can you tell us where you’re calling in from?

Jenny: We’re calling in from the Philadelphia area in the US. So on the East Coast and getting all fired up here in the East Coast for the next hurricane on the way so.

Crag: Yes.

Bron: Yes, we have heard about that here in Australia and how you’re all having to hunker down over there. So Craig and Jenny, tell us what you do. I’ve given a bit of an intro but I’m sure you’ve got a lot more detail about what you do for people.

Craig: Wow. What we really do is we help people really understand where their barriers are and we help them break those down so they can actually grow with their personal and professional lives. And we do this with coaching we do this through our Total Immersion retreats and we are there to help people to understand that there are some very simple things in their life that they can do, that they can break out of these barriers, in these molds that they have been in for all their lives a lot of times that are holding them back from some of their own greatness.

Bron: And so you would help them find what those things are because that’s the real starting point, isn’t it?

Jenny:  absolutely and that’s really where we worked so long to develop this exact success matrix as it stands today because one of the things that we’ve seen is we all have these different branches in our life, right? From our business and our finances in business and personally, all of our different relationships – whether that’s family, friends, business colleagues that we’re working with and then we’ve got our vitality which encompasses right our health in this moment. Are we healthy or are we not so healthy? How are we doing as far as movement and nutrition is concerned on a daily basis? All of those things contribute to our current vitality and what that situation looks like for us. And then we have our personal power, right, do we know where we’re going? Do we feel like we’re in control? And then we also have freedom optimization that we look at and that’s how their time freedom and financial freedom look like. Do we have self-confidence to actually go in the direction that we want with our lives or are we still conforming to the mold of what society says they think we should be. And so we help the person, the first step is evaluating what does each one of these areas look like in your life? How would you rank it, right, from a one to ten – one being it’s sucking the life out of me every day and it’s draining my energy and a ten would be it’s absolutely perfect and there is nothing that I would do to improve it. Which we know most people will never reach a ten in any area because as humans we always have a desire to grow more. And so yeah, it’s finding where’s that imbalance. If there’s one that’s significantly lower and that’s normally what we’ll find, right? Generally we’re doing pretty well in certain areas and there’s one or two that are those things when you wake up every day and it’s that when something hits you, it’s the first one that it’s like “Oh I have got to deal with that today.”

Bron: I love what I’m hearing and I’m loving your energy. Now one thing I wanted to ask you was there are a lot of so-called gurus in our world. People who claim to have all the answers to everything, follow this ten step plan, but you wonder about their own lives. Tell me, I’m sure that like me as a coach you know that unless you’re actually on that journey yourself and you’re continuing to work, find out what those areas are in your own lives then you may as well shut up shop because you’ve actually don’t have anything to offer people. Would you agree with that?

Jenny: Absolutely.

Craig: Yes.

Jenny: We just had a coaching call today right before you with one of our coaches

Bron: Well there you go, fantastic.

Craig: Yeah. It’s it’s like whenever you look at it, you hit a couple of things. One of the things is there are three step plans, seven step plans, five step plans, there’s all these stuff plans and then there’s two secrets and there’s five secrets. And I understand it attracts people and it’s like “Oh my goodness I need to learn this.” And a lot of times the reason why they don’t actually learn and they’re always looking for these steps is because they actually don’t take action.

Bron: Good point.

Craig: They don’t take action. They just are looking for the Fountain of Youth and what they don’t understand is that they do have to do some simple things but they do have to work and to change things around. And also on the next note which is yes, we constantly are working on ourselves and people ask us “Well you must have all the answers because you’re doing all this stuff.” And oh my goodness, the fact of the matter is number one, we do not have all the answers and if we don’t, we try to find them for ourselves, for anybody else. But most importantly, is the reason what helps us along is because we’ve already become aware of many things and our tendencies and our actions and our behaviors so because of that, we’re able to get quickly out of that funk, out of that mode, out of that spiral where a lot of people they stay in that spiral because they don’t know how to get out, they don’t have the proper tools. And so the thing is we still have the same problems, we just get out of it quicker. And a lot of people, a lot of times I say this is that whenever they dig a hole, a lot of people get that shovel and they’re digging a hole for themselves. We realize that once we’re in the hole, we throw the shovel away so we stop digging the hole any deeper.

Bron: Yeah. Look and I just like one of my own favorite sayings is that awareness is more than 50% of the game and it’s just about be understanding. We’re all flawed, we’ve all got things to learn but knowing that is such a key.

Jenny: Exactly. And identifying our current patterns, right? So many people have not yet stepped back far enough to look at the bigger picture of their life.

Bron: Yes.

Jenny: And identify the patterns in it. So let’s say they’re stuck in a bad relationship, right, which we all know if we’re struggling with a relationship in our life – it drains the energy out of us very quickly and it pulls away from our business success and our health. It really drains all the different areas of our life. And so many times, people will look at one relationship they’re in and they’ll think that’s isolated of that relationship. Step back, right, or they go up in the helicopter and they look at their lives from way far back, they can see that there’s a pattern – it holds true in relationship after relationship. So the tendency is it’s so much easier to blame somebody else for a bad relationship than look at ourselves, right?

Bron: Yes

Jenny:  But if there is a pattern, if we can step back and look for the pattern and actually identify one, then that means there must be something we can work on with us, within ourselves to change that pattern. Not easy to do Bron but as you know, one of the most impactful things that we can ever do that will change the entire pattern of our life moving forward from that point.

Bron: Absolutely.

Jenny: There’s nothing more powerful we can do because the easy part would be to walk away from that one more bad relationship. But guess what, the next one’s going to happen over and over again. And this was a pattern in my own life and that’s why I’m so close to that, right, and I had to recognize that because Craig and I now run this amazing business together and we’ve been married for a little over eight years and we have five amazing children and all of these things. But early in our relationship, I saw the same problems that I had in my previous two.

Bron: Really? Wow.

Jenny: And it woke me up that “Gosh I thought he was this Superman coming in.” [Laughter] And suddenly you can see the same problems over, right, so recognizing that it was me and then this is the amazing thing with the success matrix. It starts out in this case, right, looking at a relationship issue and fixing what’s going on within me that’s causing relationship tears. But then, the same emotional issues that we’re dealing with subconsciously impact our business life. They impact how we deal with money and our finances, right, how we deal with our health and wellness and the worthiness to take care of ourselves at a physical level. All of these things are intertwined. It’s amazing and people look at them in isolation.

Bron: That’s right and it is amazing and it’s wonderful. So do you have an ideal client? Someone that you think you really like to be able to work with that you want to say “Yep, this is the person for me.”

Craig: Well generally, I mean the people that end up that we find it gravitate towards us, they tend to be entrepreneurs, small business owners. Generally sixty percent of our clients are women as opposed to men and they have had something traumatic in their lives and they are looking, they’re stuck. A lot of times, the way I say it is that most most people put it together a jigsaw puzzle and whenever I ask them the most important piece of the jigsaw puzzle, they look at me and they’re like “I don’t know, a corner?” It’s actually the box top because if you don’t actually have the box top, you don’t have the vision. And most people Bron have got the sides and the corners on, they’ve got some of the middle put in but they are trying to put those pieces in and those are the type of people that we’re trying to help to actually help put those pieces in so they can see their vision a lot clearer.

Bron: That’s what what Jenny was saying about having that helicopter view. That box top view of your life so that you can see then where to place the pieces and stop twisting wrong pieces around, trying to make them fit.

Craig: Exactly and they keep on doing it. I mean I’m sure everybody’s losing right now, they can actually envision themselves putting the jigsaw puzzle together trying to fit that piece. “No that doesn’t work.” They twist it every single way, that doesn’t work and it gets frustrating after a while and that’s where we can help out with. And just like with you, I mean you can really help them really put that together easier.

Bron: Yeah. No look, that’s great. We’re going to bring our time together to a close shortly but I want to ask each of you what’s one thing that you could give us a takeaway for our listeners? One beautiful piece of wisdom because knowing you, I know you’ve got heaps.

Jenny: Yeah. So I’ll start if that’s okay Craig. So what I would want to leave you all with is no matter where you are in your life today and no matter what’s going on, to keep one simple thing in mind that – your life is a perfect example of synchronicity and flow and that you were always in the right place at the right time with the right people. So even if it seems that you’re in a situation that is challenging right now, that you’re struggling in some way, there is a very clear reason that it’s happening because it’s building you up for who you are meant to become. It’s taking you to the next chapter of your life and so if it’s challenging right now, begin to look at that challenge from the standpoint of ‘what do I need to learn from this right now so that I can move past it and get to the next chapter?’ And if you were in a wonderful place in your life right now, then embrace it for all it is worth and take everything that you can from it because we’re always on this road.

Bron:  We are, oh that’s fantastic Jenny. Thank you. Craig?

Craig: Wow. That’s a hard one the top right there. I want to make it actually fairly simple and what I mean by that is that Mark Twain said it best. He goes “The two most important days of your life are the day you’re born and the day you find out why.” And what I encourage everybody to do is to understand their ‘Why.’ Everybody is an example. Everybody wants money. I mean everybody wants a great relationship. I mean we all want that. But why do you want that? Don’t go one level deep, two levels deep, that’s just on the surface. You got to go really vertical, you’ve got to go down deep, you’ve got to keep on asking that question five, seven, ten times until you find out why the real purpose is you want what you want in your life. And once you find out that ‘why,’ then you can work on the ‘how.’ But most people end up working on the ‘how’ first and they don’t understand. They need to know their ‘why.’

Bron: Yep, that is excellent. Thank you so much Craig. Now if our listeners want to get in touch with you what’s the best way for them to do that?

Jenny: Sure. They can reach us at and they can also find us on all the social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn at craigandjennyd as well. So that’s the easiest way and they can reach us through email and everything right from those sites, so.

Bron: Excellent, thank you so much. It’s been wonderful reconnecting with you right across the Pacific Ocean as we are here by the magic of the Internet so yeah, just so wonderful.

Jenny: Thank you so much Bron.

Craig: Yes, thank you.

Bron: This has been Bron Williams for Business Radio and that’s where you’ll be able to find this interview. So once again, thank you to Craig and Jenny D – the developers of the wonderful Success Matrix. This is Bron Williams.

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