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Virtual Reality and How it Changes the Game in the Digital Marketing Space


Guest: David Crombie

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Guest Bio: David Crombie is the Chief Executive Office of Estate Agents Co-operative, a group of seven real estate agents formed in 1962 to help member agents meet the challenges in today’s marketplace. His primary focus is to enable and inspire real estate agents to work together to build strong, prosperous, and sustainable businesses that are well-equipped to cope with the modern era. David leads a team that provides services to over 1,900 real estate and related businesses nationally. David’s team delivers member services, property marketing services, real estate agreements, property data and reports, professional development, a property portal and consumer print publications, government liaison and advocacy.

Segment overview: Here to discuss the significance of Digital Marketing in the real estate space is David Crombie. David talks about his views about the future of marketing, where Virtual Reality and YouTube videos are the most commonly used techniques to attract new customers, and how he plans to take advantage of these technology to attain business growth.

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