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Building Good Financial Plans with Wealth 4 Life Australia


Most of the time, people ignore their financial stress and use the ‘Hope and Pray Method’ where they fail to address and solve their financial problems. Wealth 4 Life works with clients to plan ahead financially to avoid financial stress, have better relationships and spend more time doing the things they really enjoy.

Kim Klein, Financial Strategist and Director for Wealth 4 Life Australia, discusses the Three Pillars of Financial Happiness that they focus on: (1) AWARENESS – know where you are now and where you want to go; (2) ACTION – what you need to do and how are you going to do it; and (3) ACCOUNTABILITY – give some much needed accountability to make sure clients achieve their goals. She also discusses their approach on how they can help their clients in their financial issues.


Tabetha Moreto:  Hello everyone. Welcome to another edition of SEO-Bites. I’m your host for today Tabetha Moreto. My guest today is Kim Klein, Financial Strategist and Director for Wealth 4 Life Australia. Without further ado, welcome to the show Kim. I’m so glad that you can join us today.

Kim Klein:  Thanks for having me.

Tabetha Moreto:  Yes. So let me ask you something Kim, Please provide a brief introduction of your company Wealth 4 Life Australia.

Kim Klein:  My company Wealth 4 Life is based in Toowoomba, but works with clients nationwide. I’m the Senior Financial Planner here at We help our clients get ahead financially, have better relationships and less financial stress. At Wealth4Life, we work on the Three Pillars of Financial Happiness. The first which is ‘Awareness’. It’s really important you know where you are now and where you want to go. The second one is ‘Action’. What do you need to do and how are you going to do it? The third is ‘Accountability’. My job is to hold your hand, get it done and be there and give you some much needed accountability to make sure you achieve your goals.

Tabetha Moreto:  Who does Wealth 4 Life Australia help specifically?

Kim Klein:  We work with people in the health and wellness industry and busy stressed couples, they’re our specialty. I find a lot of people in this area, they find themselves on good income and they think “We’re on a good income, why aren’t we doing more? We should be getting further ahead.” Those type of things. I have found a lot of couples fight, stress and worry about their finances. I like to be that third person, the ‘Tiebreaker’ for these couples to help reduce their financial stress. I think we can all think of a point in time where our finances has caused us some stress. Even if you are in a good income, not having a clear plan can cause financial stress even if it’s just on the subconscious level. Quite often, people will ignore their financial stress. They use the ‘Hope and Pray Method’ where they bury their head in the sand. They feel that it might hurt more now, than if they live it too later, but it’s just not true. I’ve had so many clients come to me aged in their 60s and the one thing I hear time and time again is, ‘I wish I came in to see you 20 years ago.’

Tabetha Moreto:  Why does Wealth 4 Life Australia focus on people in their 30s or 40s?

Kim Klein:  I enjoy helping people in the health and wellness industry, it’s an industry I really believe in. I also find that financial stress is something that a lot of my clients have. And I think that financial stress is actually a wellness issue. You will find a lot of people in the wellness industry what we’re talking about exercise, and nutrition, and good sleep and techniques to reduce stress. And one of the areas that is quite often forgotten is financial stress. A lot of people spend time worrying about money. A lot of couples will spend some time fighting about money. And usually, you’ve got that one first in a relationship who says, ‘Let’s spend our money. We only live once. Let’s enjoy our life’. And then you will find that other person is like, ‘Oh, we can actually save that money for a rainy day.’ I find most clients around the spectrum, but what you’ll find is that having that third person, I can be the tiebreaker. Now a lot of people will say, ‘Hang on Kim. You’re a Financial Adviser. So you must always side with the rainy day person’, but no. Our business is called ‘Wealth4Life’ and our tagline is ‘Enjoy the Journey’. So what we’re all about is making sure you have a life now and a life in the future. This is why I’m not just helping clients in their 60s. I’m spending a lot of time trying to tag at the 30 and 40 year olds to get them to start planning for their future now. They start planning now, it’s just so much easy for them later on.

Tabetha Moreto:  Is financial stress as one of the most common problems nowadays affect not only married couples but single people as well?

Kim Klein:  Absolutely. And here in Australia, we’ve got another issue called the ‘Age Pension’ and a lot people say if you’re in your 40s now, you’ve probably sat there and thought, ‘I don’t think this age pension is sustainable long term.’ We’ve got more people who are getting older and living longer due to better health. And we’ve got less tax payers being able to fund this age pension. And you all even have seen recently the government is always trying to find ways to make it harder to get the pension because they have to, because at the end of the day there’s just not enough money coming in to be able to continue to pay for age pension in the welfare system. So it’s one of the issues that a lot of clients tend to bury their head in the sand, they kind of know that they need to be looking at their retirement. But they’ve got bills to pay, kids’ education, and mortgage, they’ve got so many other things going on that in the back of their mind, it’s probably there. They do worry, ‘Will I ever be able to retire? And if so, can I do it when I want to?’

Tabetha Moreto:  Wow. That’s very interesting. Thank you for sharing that information with us. So now Kim, I want to ask you a personal question if you don’t mind. Why are you so passionate about helping people when it comes to their finances?

Kim Klein:  I found this as an area that I kind of fell into actually. I myself was out there buying investment, properties and saving money. I think I bought my first time when I was 21 and had it paid off when I was 26. And I have so many people asking me, ‘How did you do it? How did you do this? Oh, how come you’re not worried about money, what methods are you using?’ And I wanted to help people. But at that point in time, I hadn’t actually done any formal study. So I went off and did some formal study so that I could help people. And the reason I picked people in the health and wellness area is simply because like I said, that’s an area I really believe in. I myself have had health issues and I just find looking at alternative strategies to help with your health including stress reduction. As a mother of two, a small business owner and my husband also runs his own small business, any stress reduction techniques that anyone wants to send me are always welcome.

Tabetha Moreto:  Yes. Very well said Kim. Thank you for sharing this information with us because like what you mentioned earlier, you’re a woman with a family so you have to make sure that your financial future is secured.   

Kim Klein:  Absolutely. It’s one thing that I have seen. It’s really hard, a lot people who go through a divorce. All they’re thinking is, ‘I’ve got to get out. I’ve got to get out. I’ve got to get out’. Let’s just settle and get out of this.’ And in the female side, what you might find is, ‘Yes, You’ve got the house. But you’ll have nothing in your superannuation.’ So when it comes 10, 20 years down into the future and you’re looking at retirement, you’ve now realized, ‘Oh. Maybe I should have fought harder back at that time’, because women do live longer than men. So it’s really important that their retirement is looked at.

Tabetha Moreto:  How can people get in touch with Wealth 4 Life Australia?

Kim Klein:  I find the best thing for most people is we’ve got a free guide it’s called the ‘How to Reduce Your Financial Stress Guide.’ That is free to download on our website. So if you just go to, right at the top of the page, you’ll find a free download button, you just enter your name and email address and you can have a copy of that guide and that will start you on the journey to reducing your financial stress. If someone says “Actually I really should get onto this straightaway” and they just want to have a quick 15-minute call. Just to see if we ask support, we can help them. Once again, if you go to the website, go to the Contacts Page and go straight on to the left hand side, you’ll find a ‘Click Here’ to book an appointment and you’ll be able to choose a time that’s suitable to you to book an appointment with myself.

Tabetha Moreto:  Excellent. I’m sure that a lot of people will benefit from this.

Kim Klein:  Absolutely. If everyone could just reduce their stress a little bit, if we could get couples that fight less about money, we might even be able to reduce the divorce rate.

Tabetha Moreto:  Wow. Thank you so much Kim for coming on the show. I really appreciate it.

Kim Klein:  Excellent. Thank you.


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