Wealth Enhancers: How Millennials Can Increase Their Finances

Wealth Enhancers


Guest: Finn Kelly

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Segment Overview: Finn Kelly, Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Wealth Enhancers joins Talkers.FM host Wayne Bucklar in conversation where he promotes his millennial financial advice and coaching company. He also shares his insights on how Millennials can properly manage and grow their finances.  

Guest Bio: Finn Kelly is the co-founder and chief investment officer of Wealth Enhancers, Australia’s most experienced Millennial Financial Advice & Coaching company.He is a serial entrepreneur having started a number of companies, completed 2 acquisitions and had a couple of successful exits.

Finn is a sought out keynote speaker and TV business personality. His proudest achievement to date was doing a documentary with National Geographic called Undercover Angel where he traveled to Bulgaria and helped the Roma Community.

He was also selected as one of 20 Australian delegates to attend the G20 YEA Summit in Moscow in 2013  and again in 2014 as the Lead Delegate in Sydney. He has won a variety of industry awards, including the AIM National Young Manager of the Year, and has been recognised as one of Australia’s top 30 entrepreneurs under 30 three times.


Wayne Bucklar:  You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar and my guest today is Finn Kelly. Finn is the Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer with Wealth Enhancers and he joins us today to chat about what it is he does. Finn, welcome to the show.

Finn Kelly:  Thank you. I look forward to chat in to your audience.

Wayne:  Now sometimes Finn, I interview people and they’re from Bob’s Garage and you can pretty much guarantee what they do. But Wealth Enhancers is one of those titles where sometimes I think about bank robberies and sometimes I think about all sorts of things. I better ask the question, what is it that you do and who do you do it for?

Finn:  Okay, perfect. So Wealth Enhancers is Australia’s most experienced Millennial financial advice and coaching company. I mean the big difference is we see ourselves as a wellness company rather than a traditional financial advice company. And we have a concept of basically, wealth is a combination of being rich and happy and it’s a lot better to be both. And we use a combination of positive psychology, financial advising techniques and coaching techniques in order to have a better relationship with money and ultimately on how to have a healthier happier life.

Wayne:  And Finn, is your focus on Millennials?

Finn:  Yes, it is. So Millennials, are actually aged so they’re 1980 to 1996. So the connotation that they’re young is not actually the case anymore, they’re having families, some of them are leading the largest companies in the world and they’re making very big decisions. And we used to run a pro-wealth management company for typical Baby Boomers but we saw a real option in the market and no one is actually looking after Millennials and now they’re earning $2 out of every $3 of income. They’re spending over 50% discretionary spending and they’re about to receive the largest intergenerational world’s transfer the world has ever seen. And we just personally we’re Millennials and we really like them and we believe they’ll gonna be the change makers for a positive universe.

Wayne:  And as a Baby Boomer, I’d like to encourage them to keep working because I expect the dispense some of that over the next 30 years in my old age. So we like Millennials because we’re going to rely on them quite a lot.

Finn:  We really are. Of course, their generation got a lot of flock because they’ve ask a lot of questions but that’s only because they’re curious and they want to improve things and they want to have impact and they want be searching for meaning. So they’re not lazy, they don’t have needs to gratification that people position with them, they just want a really great life.

Wayne:  Well that’s not a bad thing to like and as the Baby Boomer, I have to say being a teenager in the 60s and then for the 40 or 50 years since then, our life has been pretty damn good. We’ve managed to avoid most of the things that our parents went through in terms of depressions and wars and pretty much the consumer world has dealt with everything we could possible have asked for. So I guess now it’s not unreasonable to expect the next generation to be looking to have both wealth and happiness. Do you find the difference in the way they view wealth creation?

Finn:  Yes, I do. They see it as something which is an intersection of all elements of their life and they don’t want to just build money for the sake of it, they would definitely want it to be an enhancer of their life rather than just having financial assets for a particular reason. I think some of the concepts of like this idea that we’re going to work all this time and then retire, it doesn’t really connect with this generation, they’ll gonna for multiple spectacles and their wealth accumulation to provide options so they can take time, off the periods of time go from four profit businesses to not-for-profit, going from high incomes to low income earning jobs and just have a lot more of a fluid sort of working environment.

Wayne:  That’s a very different perspective from my perspective as a Baby Boomer where he who has the most fun who dies wins was the mantra of the 80s and it was about having bigger toys and building more money that was pretty much all that mattered.

Finn:  Certainly. And I think, they see money as an enabler to do good. So that’s something which we’re very focus in Wealth Enhancers like we actually see ourselves as a philanthropic company. Our whole concept is we can have people having a better a relationship with money, ultimately living with their means, building up financial assets and then they’ve got choice to go follow the purpose, passion that they’re actually inspired by. Maybe they’ll be doing more philanthropic duties and actually help the community glow and be better.

Wayne:  Now how do you deliver your services Finn? Is this something’s geographically constrained, is these classes, how does the service get delivered?

Finn:  So we have multiple ways we work with our members. We actually call them a “membership.” And through that, we have four main pillars of the membership – there’s the “Strategic Financial Advice”, there’s “Coaching and Accountability,” there’s “Admin and Implementation” and then “Access to the Community.” And we believe all four parts are really important. It’s not geographically restricted, something we do, we have a global team and everything is online. There’s face-to-face video, calls are done through Zoom, so it’s method that we’re using right now and we have online courses, we have workshops, we have a book, like there’s multiple ways you can actually access us. Through our website to able to actually see those methods. We have members all around the world as well.

Wayne:  And Finn, you mentioned philanthropy before and I just want to lead you into one of the things I read in your bio that a little while ago, you were part of the documentary or you did a documentary, “Undercover Angel” with National Geographic and you traveled to Bulgaria to help a Roma Community. Tell us a little bit about that experience.

Finn:  It was certainly an experience and it’s quite good timing to talk about them because I’m actually back going to Bulgaria in a few weeks time go back into the Roma Community, just off my back, I just want to see how they’re going. So National Geographic did a documentary series where they hit eight benefactors from all around the world and basically we’re put them through a country where those underprivileged communities and then the benefactor have to go seek a community that they wanted to help, go undercover with a story to observe what their actual problems were and then come out as we fund the project and and that to fund with all of their own financial means. So I was picked as the Australian person and I went to Bulgaria. So I had no idea what it was like or anything and I just saw as soon as I arrived at the airport and I was in the taxi, I just saw these swamps very close to Eurocapital. And I was intrigued and also in the Roma community and I went in and helped them and focus on building a family learning center to help basically an integration of training the new children and new adults and new parents who want to breakaway from some of the limiting constraints of their community and live a more purposeful life. And that was a transformational experience, I learnt a lot about people and how we are all the same all around the world and the one connector is love and if we just saw each other more love, then we’ll have a lot more empathy and they’ll be able to relate and connect with people a lot better.

Wayne:  And that’s got to be a pretty significant thing to go through it at a personal level. Did you find that life changing to be involved in that work?

Finn:  A hundred percent Wayne, it was story life changing. I just got to a lot better perspective on what’s important in life. I also saw like the power of having financial means, like I would have been able to have such an impact if I did not have those financial means. But most importantly, people really respect people who listen, who take time to actually learn about their community and to connect on a heartfelt level and that was the overwhelming thing for me. So I’m now more focus on, I don’t need to do the big things, I’m more about on one of the little things I can do everyday because it’s the little things that actually come to big things.

Wayne:  Great philosophy to have. I hope you’re going to take at least the camera with you and maybe a film crew when you go back because it will be fascinated to see the results.

Finn:  I’m contemplating it, it’s one of those ones where I want to do this for me and the challenge about doing it with a film crew and documentary, it can be saved them, it’s not about me and that’s something I get challenged with. And I’m like, “Well, do I want to do it to inspire people or is it not gonna do that?” So I’m just trying to balance it at the moment.

Wayne:  Yes. That’s always a battle because when you watch TV if you’ve never been involved in filmmaking, it looks so seamless and unaffected. But in reality once you have a film crew with you, that’s the most important thing you’re doing.

Finn:  It’s so hard. It’s very real, it’s a whole real experience like they’re following me around but sometimes, they’ll be like, “Our sound did not work in that moment, can you just repeat that whole emotional monologue?” And I’m like, “I’m just crying my guts out, I cannot repeat what I was saying.” So it’s quite hard in that regard.

Wayne:  Finn, there’ll be people listening to us who have heard you talking about your experience and heard you talking about Millennials and Wealth Enhancers who will be saying, “That Finn sounds like a pretty smart guy, we need a bit more of him.” How can those people reach out to you?

Finn:  So I’m pretty bit of an open book. If you search me on the internet, it will come up with all of my social media. I’m not that active on social media but I definitely will respond. Our website,, so it’s actually “.community” because we are a community, it’s the best source of information. I write for that, there’s lots of information about what we do and then if you just search “Finn Kelly” literally on the internet and you’ll find all of the details about me and our company if there is very transparent and there’s a lot of people who we love talking about these things. Everything with team members and business owner in our company and we’re creating a movement which is exciting.

Wayne:  Finn, it’s been a pleasure having a chat with you today. Thanks for making yourself available to us.

Finn:  Pleasure, thank you so much.

Wayne:  And if you just joined us on Business Radio Talkers.FM, then you’ve just missed my chat with Finn Kelly, the Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer with Wealth Enhancers. But the good news is we have a transcript on our website if you’re a reader. But given that this is radio and not a book, I guess you’re probably not a reader, so we also have a podcast version, you can find that on iTunes, SoundCloud and YouTube where you can listen to it or download it and listen to it at your pleasure. If you’re listening to us now in social media, at the bottom of the screen, look all of those buttons – the likes, shares, subscribes, smiley face, frowny faces, whatever  it happens to be, click some of those buttons because we like to know you’re there. Otherwise, we’re just sitting here talking to a microphone from no purpose at all. If you got questions for either Finn or for us at the station, please pop them into any of the social media commentary. We monitor them all and we’ll pass them on to Finn or if it’s for us, we’ll answer them ourselves. You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM, my name is Wayne Bucklar.


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